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green tea guacamole with homemade purple tortilla chips on wooden tray

Super-green matcha tea-enhanced guacamole – traditional recipe, but with a superfood twist. 

guacamole with hand holding purple tortilla chip with bit of guacamole on it

Today’s post is quite literally stuffed with my favourite tips for not only making the best guacamole, but also how to choose matcha tea. Both can be very simple, but I hope my years’ of experience making guacamole (30+ years) and drinking matcha (10+ years) may add to your knowledge base. If you would like to add your own advice and tips, please do leave a comment at the bottom of this post! I love hearing from you. Now, let’s hit that guac!

On the face of it guacamole is one of the easiest things to make. It certainly is a recipe of few ingredients and minimal equipment. In fact, here are the basic instructions: mash ripe avocados, then add some finely chopped onion, minced garlic and a goodly amount of fresh lime juice. Definitely some salt. Serve. Or sneak it away to some quiet spot and enjoy its rich, green gorgeousness solo with a bag of tortilla chips. 🙂

But to make a really good batch we need to read between the lines. Make some crucial decisions. Yes, really. Continue reading

sliced grilled cheese sandwich with paneer and spinach on plates with green chillies and spinach leaves surrounding them.

Saag paneer grilled cheese – spicy chopped spinach (saag) grilled with crumbled paneer Indian cheese between slabs of good bread. Top with fresh coriander-mint chutney for a totally luxe snack or lunch. Vegan tweak is noted in the recipe card.

grilled paneer cheese and spinach sandwich on plates with chutney, tomatoes and green textile alongsideThink of this as your favourite Indian side dish – saag paneer – in a sandwich. A hot, crispy-crusted, grilled cheese sandwich. With spinach.

I hope this doesn’t sound too weird because, honestly, it’s so good. Continue reading

coriander-mint chutney in blue bowl with poppadom piece dipping into it, surrounded by chiiilies, herbs, lime halves. on concrete backdrop

Coriander-mint chutney is an easy-to-make green herb chutney that can be used as a healthy dipping sauce for many of your favourite Indian snacks, as well as being a zingy, fresh sauce for vegetables, cheese dishes, grains and salads. Lovely too as a sandwich spread, mixed with yogurt or pureed beans.

corinader-mint chutney in aqua bowl surrounded by herbs, lime halves, chillies all scattered on concrete surfaceWe don’t go out to eat as often as other people seem to. The reason for this is that I love to cook. To me, cooking and feeding others is not a chore, even though I do it for a living. Oh, and I don’t love getting dressed up, or changing clothes to be restaurant-presentable. This is especially so if I’m already home and done what most of us do when we get home: take off bra, and put on sweatpants and fluffy socks. Bliss.

Unless it is a really special occasion, or at the weekend perhaps, home-cooking (or home-reheating) reigns supreme at Food To Glow. Continue reading

Caprese Gnocchi with Burrata and White Beans is a simple, speedy and colourful 6-ingredient, summer-filled recipe for the whole family. Easily vegan, too.

extreme close up of gnocchi cparese with melting burrata cheese in white dish on concrete background, plus cutlery and green cloth Over the long Easter weekend we had the mixed blessing of being unintentionally Internet-less. As we can’t reliably get 4G where we are, it was like going back in time. Back to a simpler time before the bleep of notifications, and the all-consuming lure of the mindless scroll.

This idyll came to an end last night when Andrew half-heartedly installed our whizzy-fast new modem. Once connected to the outside world it took me a couple of hours to even try it out. I really wasn’t that bothered.

During our impromptu hiatus from the plugged-in world we did some serious grafting in the garden. Raised plant beds were built and filled with young, sappy seedlings; new border plants were dug in and older plants tended. The neglected lawn was fed, and weeds were pulled. Basically it was my ideal weekend. I couldn’t stop smiling. Did I miss Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? Nope. Continue reading

vegan hot cross bun pudding close up in white pie plate o white wooden background

Vegan Hot Cross Bun and Butter Pudding is an Easter-time take on the classic British Bread and Butter Pudding. Using bought wholemeal hot cross buns this pudding is soaked in homemade vegan custard and zinged up with rhubarb and saffron.

hot cross bun and butter pudding with pink tulips, white bowls, pink spoons and poached rhubarb alongside Whether you are religious or not, I’m sure by now you’ve slung at least one packet of hot cross buns into your shopping trolley. In the UK, Waitrose and Marks and Spencer always seem to have the most interesting iterations of this seasonal bake. And just today I was picking up some bits and bobs at good old M&S when I spied some wholemeal hot cross buns, crammed with seeds and looking very enticing. I immediately knew this is what I would do with them. Continue reading

pesto pasta with potatoes and asparagus in cast iron white shallow pot

One-Pot Ligurian Pesto Pasta with Potatoes and Asparagus.

You read right: potatoes and pasta. It’s a northern Italian thing that can be your thing, too. Add some fresh asparagus for colour and nutrition, plus freshly-made wild garlic – or wild leek – pesto to make it sing. Tastes great cold, too.

Ligurian pesto pasta in white pan with spoon next to filled handmade bowl, glass of wine and wild garlic leaves

This is a barely tweaked take on a traditional Ligurian recipe that revels in its double-carb status. Potatoes and pasta.

Food. Of. The. Gods.

If I tell you that Andrew was excited to eat this, that would be a huge understatement. He was bloody ecstatic. Continue reading

Korean salmon on plate with vegetables as side view

Korean Salmon wrapped in crispy rice paper for a midweek supper or weekend get-together. Throw out the takeaway menus and make this easy, delicious “fakeaway”.

crispy Korean rice paper salmon in cast iron pan on concrete backgroundAre you tired of cooking salmon in the same way every week? Today I am sharing with you a BRILLIANT and EASY way to enjoy our favourite pink piscis.

And vegetarians, you can do this with tofu or tempeh. So don’t think I’ve left you out. As if!

This Crispy Korean Salmon recipe is inspired by a vid on ways to use rice paper by Alex, aka “the French cooking guy”. I rarely look at cooking videos, but I can get sucked in by Alex’s irreverent and creative way with food. It’s hard for me to concentrate on actual work when I get a YouTube alert puffing this floppy-haired, science-minded Frenchman. He’s just so damn watchable. Do you know about him? Of course you do.

Alex’s suggestion of taking the good but ubiquitous summer roll idea (here’s my Food To Glow summer rolls with peanut-tamarind dip, for the record) and using salmon + steamer got me thinking. What if instead of layering up some (watery) veg on the salmon and steaming it, I slathered the salmon in my favourite spicy-sweet Korean sauce and pan-seared then baked it? How would that go down? Continue reading

baked patacones (green plantains) topped with tropical salsa and on a pewter tray.

These Baked Patacones with Tropical Salsa are a healthy spin on the twice-fried – and very delicious – South and Central American crispy snack, patacones. In this Food To Glow recipe green plantains are sliced, steamed and mashed into tiny patties, then slicked with a little oil and baked to crispy-chewy perfection. Perfect little golden dippers for a healthy and fruity salsa. A taste of Latin America.

baked patacones (green plantains) and tropical salsa by food to glowIf you read my last post you will know that I am just newly back from a fantastic trip to Costa Rica. As well as falling in love with the incredibly colourful and vibrant scenery, flora and fauna, I fell hard for the food. While it isn’t the most exciting of cuisines, it is very wholesome, relying largely on what can be grown in their particularly fertile soil.

Andrew and I were surprised that they are not limited to growing “tropical” foods, but successfully raise crops that I associate with frosty nights, like beets and carrots. But it was the tropical flavours and dishes that drew us like hummingbirds to nectar-laden flowers.

One of our favourite “discoveries” was the more-ish patacones.baked patacones (green plantains) and tropical salsa by food to glow Continue reading

overhead view of decorated hummingbird cake with one slice cut and on white plate with green flowers

More fruit than flour, this uber-moist, stick-to-your-fork hummingbird cake is filled with warm spices, pineapple and banana, and topped with a delicious – and still vegan – passion fruit cream cheese icing.

#vegan #hummingbird #cake with incredible lower sugar passion fruit cream cheese icing #bakingI’m not sure if you will have noticed, but I’ve been away. Just over two weeks ago I was bent over suitcases, whittling down the heaps of clothing and shoes to a tidy, manageable pile. Okay, scratch tidy. Then I added bottles of DEET, factor 50 suncream and the dorky jungle hats and cooling neck wraps necessary for our latest adventure.

For years I have been dreaming of visiting Costa Rica to immerse myself in one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth. But until now had never found the time to squeeze in the two weeks necessary to do it justice.

If you followed my stories on Instagram you will have seen a glimpse of what Andrew and I got up to. If not, I will sum it up as fancy birds, cheeky monkeys, weird insects, thick rainforests, cerulean skies, and tumbling waterfalls. I hope to write up our travels around this scenically stunning country and share it with you here.

Costa Rica view from a small plane

Costa Rica from the air

Continue reading

Tropical Matcha Yogurt Breakfast Bowl is loaded with sweet juicy fruit, toasted seeds and coconut for a refreshing, energising and healthy way to start your day.Energising Tropical Matcha Breakfast Bowl is loaded with sweet juicy fruit, toasted seeds and coconut for a refreshing and healthy way to start your day.

Now that the days are getting a bit longer, brighter, and a tad warmer (!), I’m easing away from porridge and embracing cool, fruity breakfast bowls. Sometimes these are literally just a few dollops of thick, full-fat yogurt, a handful of thawed berries and a palmful of toasted nuts. Maybe, if I’m feeling especially hungry, I’ll top it with a handful of one of my granola mixes. This could also be my evening snack or a solo supper if I’ve not had this for breakfast. Easy, delicious, healthy and filling.

Today’s Tropical Matcha Yogurt Breakfast Bowl is all of these attributes. And more. Continue reading

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