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Easy Sheet Pan Mediterranean Fish

Easy Sheet Pan Mediterranean Fish is a quick, family-style meal of herb and butter-basted fish and colourful vegetables. Winter tweaks are also included so that you can enjoy this nutritious dish all year-round. Continue reading

tangy tomato tofu

Sichuan Tomatoes and Tofu is a quick and easy vegan lunch or dinner recipe with some classic Sichuan flavours, like shallots, ginger and pepper. The taste is a touch sweet, but mostly tangy! Serve with extra vegetables and cooked brown rice noodles or rice. If on a low-carb diet, serve with shirataki noodles/rice. This vegan supper is perfect for solo dining or sharing, and comes together in a trice.

Tofu not your thing? Read on for other ways to use the tangy tomato sauce.  Continue reading

cauliflower gnocchi

Cauliflower Gnocchi with Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce is a light, bright and intensely flavoured dish, swirled with fresh spinach. Below I give you my easy method for making cauliflower gnocchi from scratch. But feel free to use frozen cauliflower or regular gnocchi, and smother it in the creamy tomato sauce. Oh, and this cauliflower gnocchi is vegan and low-carb. Continue reading

two bowl of low-carb granola and berries

Low-carb granola is an easy, straight-forward and delicious cereal that satisfies without spiking blood sugar. A bowlful will give you plenty of good fats and protein, as well as valuable vitamins and minerals. It’s perfect for breakfast with yogurt and fresh fruit. And of course low-carb granola also makes a healthy, filling snack for the whole family. Try it with the suggested cinnamon and nutmeg, or use your own ideas for warm, uplifting fragrance and taste. Continue reading

cardamom bun cake, sliced on board, with vintage knife

Cardamom Bun Cake is a fragrant, mega-moist, one-bowl cake. It delivers the taste of a Swedish coffeehouse cardamom bun, but with almost zero effort. I repeat, zero effort.

For a cake at least. Continue reading

refried black bean and halloumi tacos

This is a sponsored post.

Refried Black Bean and Halloumi Tacos are my tweaked version of the Hello Fresh one. Both are full of fibre, flavour and make a terrific family dinner.

Who doesn’t love tacos? When I was a teenager I liked the crunchy kind, not minding that they would inevitably fall apart and tumble into my lap. But, since my coordination has not improved with age, a less bothersome soft taco suits me better.

I have a few Mexico-inspired recipes here on the blog. But, to be honest, since Rachel moved to Chicago, we have not had – nor made – tacos in ages. Which is a shame. Especially seeing that she and her boyfriend Dan, like the good millennials that they are, seem to have tacos every Tuesday. So I was happy when premium recipe box delivery company Hello Fresh asked me to make and review one of their recipes. Continue reading

Greek sea bass

Greek-Style Sea Bass is subtly seasoned and pan-fried sea bass, topped with a warm chopped preserved lemon, olive, peppers and eggplant salsa. So easy to make, but perfect for a special dinner. Serve with new potatoes, rice, or even just some steamed broccoli. 

Mediterranean sea bassSummertime and the cooking is easy. Um, okay it’s nearly autumn and right now in Edinburgh it’s pouring outside. But cooking should still be easy. And deliciously vibrant. After all we still have loads of fabulous, colourful vegetables to choose from – or pick, if we are lucky. Although I love things like butternut squash, it’s the end of summer vegetables that inspire me most. Continue reading

cherry bakewell galette

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Cherry Bakewell Galette is soft, almondy and bursting with fresh, juicy fruit. Oh, and it is lower in carbohydrates than the original bakewell tart, but just as delicious.

Cherries are without doubt my favourite fruit. Of course I adore these crisp and juicy crimson fruits as they are: A whole punnet can disappear before I’ve even unpacked the groceries. But sometimes it’s fun to pop them in desserts and salads. So, for this month of August, when Scottish cherries are plentiful, I’m doing both.  Continue reading

seaweed marinara with gnocchi

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Seaweed and Shiitake Marinara Sauce is a simple tomato sauce, bursting with cherry tomatoes and enhanced with nutritious dried seaweed and fresh shiitake mushrooms. It goes superbly well with gnocchi, pasta and even roasted cauliflower. Vegan and low-carb.

raw heirloom tomatoes nestled together on antique baking tray

heirloom tomatoes – you may use these instead of canned tomatoes in this recipe.

Tomatoes are going strong here in the UK, so let’s talk about tomato sauce.

Tomatoes are one of those fruit-vegetables that are welcome in most any category of recipe – sauce, pasta, gratin, tian, bake, bread, juice, pie, tart (and here’s another one from me), soup, sandwich, salad. Even dessert. And they are a proper cross cultural food; the base of many a sauce – from Italy to India. But we associate them most strongly, perhaps, with sauce. And Italy.

I am here to subvert this slightly. As you would expect. Continue reading

low carb peanut butter cupcakes

Super-light and gently sweet, these scrumptious low-carb peanut butter cupcakes are so easy to make. Smear with the creamy peanut butter buttercream for an absolutely irresistible treat.

I’ve been baking these low-carb Peanut Butter Cupcakes for anyone and everyone these days. We’ve eaten some, frozen some and of course shared some. I just love knowing that a sweet, low-carb treat is just a freezer door’s-reach away. Don’t you?

These have everything I want in a cupcake: they are easy to make, have a balanced flavour, are tender of crumb. And they just happen to be the perfect vehicle for a swirl of delicious peanut butter buttercream frosting.peanut butter cupcake - low carb Continue reading

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