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If you have a confidential comment, question or suggestion please do email me at: kellieATkelliesfoodtoglowDOTcom. Sorry for this odd format, but it allegedly keeps the spambots away! Use the normal “@” and “.” when mailing me.

Please note that due to legal reasons I cannot advise on personal medical matters. See my note at the bottom of my ABOUT page for more information.

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  1. Becky says:

    Hi Kellie, I am a 53 year old survivor of breast & uterine cancer. I also have Crohn’s disease & had Colitis. In 2008 I had an irreviesible ileostomy, in 2011 I had a complete hysterectomy, I have no colon, rectum & 14″ of my small intestine has been removed as well. Since then my life has been pretty much free of sickeness (except for 2011 when I was hit with both cancers!) I’m asking if you have any recommendations for a nutritious diet for me as absorption is an issue. I’ve recently found that I am losing my hair (probably stress from the cancers!) & believe that I need a good nutritious diet. I”m not sure where to look for guidance & wonder what suppliments I might need to take as well. If this isn’t in your field of ‘expertise’ & you can recommend me to someone or a blog/website, I’d be very appreciative!!! I loved reading your page & believe that I will subscribe, it sounds wonderful!! Thanks for your time!

    1. Hi Becky. Right now I am away on holiday with just a phone to work with so can I get back to you? I’m certainly not an expert but there is very little outwith hospitals that will have the info you need. I’m presuming you have been advised to take certain supplements by your treatment team but I may be able to offer further advice, based on what I can sleuth. Can you let me know what you are already taking and if you have any specific digestion issues other than absorption? Hopefully the ileostomy has made life easier for you. All best, Kellie

    2. Dear Kellie,

      Just found your blog today – the food looks amazing and I love how you write. Followed you straight away. I saw the picture of the Colourbomb Morrocan-ish Slaw and have been looking for the recipe here, but can’t find it. Are you planning on posting that soon?

      Thank you.


      1. Hi Barbara. Welcome to food to glow! This exact recipe isn’t on the blog but a similar one is my Moroccan carrot salad. I added red cabbage, pear, pomegranates. And the dressing is half lemon and half pomegranate molasses + a small dash if harissa. I’m glad you like the look if it. 🙂

    3. Leanne Chan says:

      Dear Becky and Kellie,

      My fiancé is a stage 3 colorectal cancer survivor and while he was living with a stoma we created a lifestyle cookbook called Health the Way Nature Intended. It is predominantly plant based (one fish recipe in it) and includes daily exercises and mindfulness and medication techniques to help the body get back to feeling healthy again. You can find info at If either of you want to help me distribute over there it would be wonderful as we are committed to giving back all proceeds back into the community to help cancer patients and their families go through their cancer journey to become cancer thrivers! I can be reache at

      1. Sharon Calcagno says:

        I am a cancer survivor too (cervical). It came back, and I had to have a colon resection. If not on a low residue diet, I get intestinal blockage. After many hospital stays, a doctor finally suggested a low residue diet. His advice has been a blessing. It is difficult to find good tasting recipes, so I thank you for doing this. It surely will help many others.

  2. Becky says:

    I am just tickled & delighted that you responded, & so quickly!!! Currently I take GummiVites for my multivitamin, as they are assimilated in my system much quicker. I was told by my doctor & a nurse to take them, I take 2 in the morning, I’m also taking one D3, 600mg of Calcium 2x per day, Potassium Gluconate 2x a day. I just think that there must be some absorption issues I’m missing out on, some supplements or such that could be improving my overall health & helping this hair loss issue. I drink Gatorade occasionally, lots, and lots of water (I LOVE water!). I was told after my surgery to salt my foods & eat lots of fatty foods for a time as I was having trouble gaining weight back. I still do some salt & have cut back on all the fatty foods I once consumed as my weight kicked back in. I don’t have any trouble with eating any food in particular, if I have too much spicy food I’ll feel that, the same with too much greasy, fried food. But I limit that as I know what I can tolerate. Since I’ve had the surgery, there really isn’t anything I can’t have which is lovely! Nutrition is what I’m after, a more fine tuned food program or supplement program for myself. I appreciate any and all help you’re willing or able to give me!! Enjoy your holiday & I look forward to hearing from you again!!!

  3. Kellie I know you already get a ton of views, but I just had to choose you for the Liebster award since I love reading your blog. My full post explains it more: I look forward to reading your answers and 11 random facts about you!

    1. Aw, that’s is so kind of you Kayla! I will stop by yours and say thanks and see your other nominees. I don’t know if I have the space on the blog to fulfill the ‘duties’ of the award (and I am not interesting in any case), but I really appreciate the nomination and the thought behind the Liebster. And congrats on your own nomination 😀

      1. That’s okay! I still wanted to include you!

  4. Hi Kellie!

    Thank you for reading and commenting on my page. I love yours! Your skin glows. You are a walking testiment, it seems, to what healthy eating can do. The chocolate recipe looks really fantastic. i’m book marking for this weekend.

  5. Jody and Ken says:

    Hi, Kellie–You recently left a comment on our blog (, which disappeared shortly after I read it. It wasn’t in my spam filter or trash, so I can’t explain it. In any event, thanks for stopping by. Lentil soup is tasty–and good for you. I scrolled through your blog and the turmeric milk caught my eye. We did a serious of posts last January in connection with the Blue Zones work by Dan Buettner–turmeric figures prominently in the cuisines of several of these zones. In any event, interesting blog. Good luck with your work. I’ll be back. Ken

  6. Sue says:


    I use this site a lot just for the healthy choices for general everyday meals and have put my Dad onto this Blog as he has had cancer. However, about 10 days ago my husband had a Septoplasty operation to help him breath easier, he had general anesthetic (might be spelt wrong) for the first time, he felt really rough for a week, he has found this hard as he is a healthy fit 55 year old, he appears now to have picked up a heavy cold and feeling even worse, he never admits to feeling rough but he has, so he must be bad (!) he is too busy to take more time off work… so the point of the email, I am sure you are wondering is… what food will help him get back on form, afterall we are what we eat…

    Regards Sue

    1. Hi Sue. I’m so sorry your husband is having a hard time after his op. Hopefully the op was successful for him and he will be feeling more like himself soon. General anaesthetics are pretty rough. It took me weeks to recover from the effects when I had one about 10 years ago for a shoulder op. But the added discomfort of a heavy cold when you’ve had a septoplasty must be quite something. I think, if he has to go to work, pack him a flask of homemade soup, a pot of something like rice pudding that he can ping in a microwave and a carton of smoothie drink. Probably eating little and often is best but I don’t know if that is feasible at work. Most people I see that feel rough after surgery and under the weather want comfort food and soft-ish food that doesn’t take much effort to eat, IF he is blocked up this is more the case as he will be holding his breath while he chews. Anything soft – mac and cheese (can puree cooked kale or butternut squash to boost the nutrients), fish pie, cottage pie (shepherdess/beany pie) – that kind of thing. Another thing to take to work are soft sandwiches – tuna mayo, egg salad (eggs are fab any time), avocado and fine chopped turkey.

      While he is feeling unwell keep it simple and concentrate on calories and things he actually wants to eat. When he is better then think more nutritious, whole foods. Also, a green smoothie is great for breakfast. My current fave is super easy: 1 apple, 2 black kale leaves (or equiv), 3 dates, chia or flax seeds (1 tbsp), water and ice to blend. Process til smooth in a blender. I know it sounds gross but it is really quite nice and energising. Other smoothie ideas in the index to choose from. Also, my friend Monica at has great healthy smoothie recipes. These are good because some fibre will help if his bowel is sluggish after the GA, and sometimes raw food is just too hard to eat when you dont feel well. Have a look at my Help With Gaining Weight page for more ideas, even though he might not need to gain weight. I hope this helps, Sue. Best wishes and thanks for reading food to glow.

      1. Sue says:


        Thank you for your very helpful advice, I have to go shopping this evening so will look at the recipes before.

        Regards sue

  7. Hi Kellie

    First off, amazing to find your blog! I suffer from Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and have lost both my appetite and my love of cooking during this recent flare, and on top of that I’ve put on the steroid pounds over the last 9 months! Looking at some of your recipe ideas has made me want to get back in the kitchen again, so thank you!

    I was wondering if you had a list of top ingredients you always keep in your kitchen? I’m about to do an online shop for things like za’ater and soba noodles for my fiance’s flat which is woefully lacking in food in general and wondering what items I should include in the order as staples for healthy, exciting meals?


    1. Thanks for your very kind words. I’m sorry that you have lost your love of food but I’m so pleased that you want to get in the kitchen and regain your interest. I do have a store cupboard staples for the cancer fighting kitchen page in my Cancer and Nutrition section of the blog. The tab is at the top of the page and you will find it by scrolling just a little. I hope the list helps but really think of the type of food/cuisine/recipes you gravitate towards and let that be your guide. No use in stocking up on items that aren’t going to be used very often, unless they store well and won’t clutter up your fridge once opened. I favour Mediterranean, North African and Asian flavours so my personal list might be different to yours, but the one on the blog is fairly broad as it is not designed just for me!

      All best in your quest to regain your taste and interest in food.

  8. Hi Kellie just want to say first how much I love your blog. I came across it when looking for tasty things to do with tofu (my kids love it plain but Sri Lankan hubby needs big flavours to be convinced.) your mouthwatering photos got me hooked and now we eat your meals a couple of times a week. I’d like to know what you think about stevia as a sugar substitute. I’ve reduced my sugar intake but it’s hard to steer kids away from sweet treats and I don’t want to dictate to them as it seems like a sure fire way to make them want more… you think stevia is a good alternative to sugar in baking, puds etc? I know you don’t have a sweet tooth and I think the ‘best’ approach is probably sugar in moderation. But moderation is a hard concept to understand when you are 3! Stevia seems like a reasonable option to me but I’d value your view as you seem to favour common sense over food fads. Many thanks Louise

    1. Thanks for this wonderful comment and your sensible question. Very kind of you. 🙂 Stevia is safe and the only non-nutritive sweetener I would trust. It does need a bit of fiddling to get it right for baking but there are articles on how to replace the bulk lost (go for pureed fruit, basically). I would use an organic pure powder or liquid (not Truvia etc from supermarket) as the mass market stuff is cut with fillers to bulk it out. Not dangerous but probs not high quality. Here is something reassuring for you: “Stevia, the common name for the extract stevioside from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, is a natural, sweet-tasting calorie free botanical that may also be used as a sugar substitute or as an alternative to artificial sweeteners. Stevia has been found to increase insulin sensitivity in rodent models (Chang, Wu, Liu, & Cheng, 2005) and to have beneficial effects on blood glucose and insulin levels in human studies (Curi 1986; Gregersen, Jeppesen, Holst, & Hermansen, 2004), which suggests it may have a role in food intake regulation. In safety studies, no negative side effects were reported Barriocanal, 2008). Stevia was recently approved for use as a sweetener by the Joint Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives (Joint Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Expert Committee on Food Additives, 2005), and has also recently received GRAS approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Stevia is inexpensive and available to most consumers; thus, it has the potential to be widely used and may assist individuals in regulating their weight if it has a positive effect on caloric substitution. However, no study to date has examined the effect stevia has on food intake and satiety levels.” from this article All best to you and you family. PS what is your favourite food to glow recipe?

  9. louisejam says:

    Hi Kellie I came across your blog whilst looking for fab and tasty things time do with tofu (my kids love it nest, Sri Lankan hubby needs big flavours to be convinced.) your mouthwatering photos and colourful, flavourful approach got me hooked and now I regularly turn to your recipe ideas for inspiration so a big thank you! Can you let me know what you think about stevia? I’ve recently reduced my sugar intake and would like to make sweet treats healthier for my kids. It’s hard to do ‘sugar in moderation’ when you are 3! Stevia seems like a good option but I’d value your thoughts as you seem to favour common sense over food fads. Many many thanks, louise.

  10. louisejam says:

    Hi Kellie – first of all thanks for such a thoughtful response and sorry for double posting – I was having trouble with my WordPress log in and thought I had lost the first comment – obviously not!! hmmm as to my favourite Food to Glow recipe, that’s a tough one (so much still to try) but I really like the rocket and pumpkin seed pesto, loaded cauliflower salad and Indonesian tofu fried rice. My three year old loved the pineapple and strawberry lollies and friends recently devoured the chocolate beetroot cake. One other thing that I wanted to share – I was treated for ovarian cancer 9 years ago and I remember during my 6 months of chemo wandering up and down the aisles of my local supermarket for (literally) hours because I could not imagine what I would possible want to eat… I wish I had had Food to Glow then. I’m sure your blog is a wonderful support and ray of sunshine (or colour at least) for many. I’m looking forward to trying today’s crackers and can’t wait to get recipe for that glorious soup. Happy cooking!

  11. puja says:

    Hello Kellie,I am really impressed by your blog. I am a new to this. i loved the way you have expressed your recipes. will love to follow your blog.

    1. Thanks so much, Puja. That’s very kind of you to say. You will enjoy the wordpress experience and community of bloggers. You have a lovely blog with lots of things I like to eat – and wish to try!

  12. Jane says:

    Hi, I have had Crohn’s disease for over 20 years and am having trouble at the moment with stricutres and some inflammation. (The stricutres have been causing mini blockages and a lot of pain). I’m just home from hospital having been put on a low residue diet (which I hate!) pending further medical and possibly surgical intervention and I’m looking for ways to keep up my fruit and veg intake. I really love recipes like those in Susan Jane White’s Extra Virgin Kitchen and I’m really fed up that my diet is going to be so restricted. I had been planning on starting making green smoothies just before this latest Crohns setback and was about to invest in a high powered blender but now I’m worried that there might be too much fibre in anything I make with a blender (eg nutri bullet/vitamix). Just looking for some guidance! I’m wondering if I would be better getting a new juicer instead. (I used to have one but it broke.) I have three kids and work full time so need all the energy I can get!

    1. Yes, you are much better off having a new juicer. Even when using the best blender (like Vitamix, or what I use, the Froothie) there is no getting around the fact hat all of the fibre remains. It is broken down and easier for others to digest but it incompatible with a low-res diet. With a chronic disorder such as Crohn’s I would get the most powerful blender I could afford (an early Christmas present?)as it will give out much more juice and less stray pulp. Look for the one with the heaviest motor when you pick it up and highest watts (or kW if possible). I hope this helps.I hope the diet helps you and reduces the chance of surgery. All best.

  13. Marika says:

    Just discovered your webpage and eager to try your glowing recipies. I was looking however for the low fiber recipies you mentioned in the first paragraph , which is what I was after. You don’t have a section on low fiber so I assume they are just scattered throughout. I wish it could be clearer somehow to be sure that a certain recipies were in fact low fiber., or am I missing something. Marika

    1. Hi there. Yes, I do have low fibre pages. They are in my Cancer and Nutrition section (that’s the angle I take but suitable for other low-fibre issues). Just look at the tab at the top of the page and the list of pages should drop down. I hope they help. Most of the recipes in my blog (which is plant-based eating) are higher-fibre but many are marked for soft food diet, if that helps. I also have a number of juices too.

  14. Barbara MacLeod says:

    Hi Kellie

    The channel 4 programme was on on 17th Jan an was called the World’s Best Diet.

    Best wishes
    Barbara MacLeod

    1. Thanks Barbara. I’ll look it up today. 🙂

  15. Erika Neill says:

    Hi, i am a 43 yro lady in the UK i have Crohns disease and Crohns related arthritis i have basically been unwell for as long as i can remember but have gotten worse over the last few years i have just had my first bowel resection and have been on a low fibre diet for about 4 yrs. But my diet is not healthy and i feel its overdue to correct this i am on a very restricted budget as i am currently on sick leave ( for the last six months ) all the different advice i see is different and the hospital as good as they are only give lists of what you can and cant have. My mobility is restricted and i am on my own mostly as my daughter is at university any advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks Erika

    1. Hi Erika. I’m sorry you’ve been unwell so long. Unfortunately I am not able to give bespoke advice but I do hope you have seen my pages on low fibre diet, including the recipes. I also have links to professional sites that can help with recipes too. If you are able to obtain a good quality juicer that can give you some of the nutrients that can be lacking in a low fibre diet. I have a simple juicing page on here too. I hope this helps a little at least. All best to you.

  16. I have just bought some lovely greengages, any suggestions ?

    1. Hi sue. Maybe pop “plum recipes” in the search bar on the right and see what you think. If they are slightly sour, I like adding plums/greengages to curries instead of tamarind. 😊

  17. Anuj Agarwal says:

    Hi Kellie,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Food to Glow has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Healthy Food blogs on the web.

    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 100 Healthy Food blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.


  18. kevin says:

    Hi thank you so much for you page it is very informative but i would like to ask i am a 47 year old man and was diagnosed with bowel cancer 3 years ago and now i have a permanent colostomy i have also battled with Ankylosing Spondylitis and i was hoping to try a bone broth for health benefits mainly for my AS, but i would like to know drinking the bone broth would it be bad for my colostomy, i have tried to research as much as i can and all i can see about bone broth is good things like healthy for my bones and very nutricinal just wondered if you can advise in any way. Thank you so much for your time

    1. Bo Leavitt says:

      Feel a kindred soul in Kevin. I had two colon operations, both successful, but “solid food” ( that is, ‘food other than liquids / beverages ) is, as normal, routed to my Ostomy, VERY successfully. It’s been 6 or 8 — or more — years and I’m still happily dealing with it .. but I overeat sometimes and recently had to change my pouch as many as three times in any given day; kind of tough on fiscal requirements on a retired ( several times ) 87 year old man. Also dealing with edema, though it doesn’t interfere with the Ostomy working(s). I tried a couple of adaptations in the way my Ostomy has worked for me; I won’t recommend any to anyone else, but simpler than what I began with.

  19. Tina says:

    Having received an email today I had a look at the recipes on your website today and just wanted to say how beautifully displayed they are. It really makes me want to eat them. Thank you.


  20. leona hawker says:

    I cannot download your Scandinavian multiseed crispbread. Looks like a good recipe.

  21. Anuj Agarwal says:

    Hi Kellie,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Food to glow has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Healthy Eating Blogs on the web.

    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 100 Healthy Eating Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.


  22. Vickie says:

    Hi Kellie,
    WOW….I found you when searching for a crispbread recipe. I just joined your site as a fan deluxe.
    I never thought I would find a chef better than Nigel Slater for cooking real food straight from the garden.
    You both are rivals for your delightful commentaries that go with the recipes.
    I found Nigel when searching for a pear pie recipe. His recipe included passion fruit. OMY! It was the best I had tasted since my grandmother’s pear cobbler.
    I now own ALL his cookbooks….and will be waiting for yours!
    Now that I have you both in my back pocket, I will never need to go further for any more extraordinary or simple recipes for GOOD food.
    THANK YOU for publishing.
    Your fan,

  23. Tim Horton says:

    Hey Anuj,

    My name is Tim Horton and I’m the advertising partnerships manager at JvPartnersNow.

    We would like to advertise some of our Family & Lifestyle related clients on your blog.

    Can you please let me know which Advertising options you offer ?

    Thanks in advance for the Details !

    Take care,

    Tim Horton

    1. kellie anderson says:

      please send an email to thanks

  24. Natalie Carson says:

    hello kellie i love your webpage great looking site, i run my own food group online through facebook and posted a question in my own group about mint chutney and one of my lovely group members mentioned your great recipe so i have seen your fabulous mint chutney recipe and my word it looks great but i have a question and wondered can you help me please, i am looking for a recipe thats popadums that have mint chutney in them, i saw a photo of them on facebook and its from a new zealand company that sells these lovely morsels to their customers that according to the write up next to the photo and post its got mint chutney inside them help , i am puzzled and cant find a recipe anywhere for these beautiful looking papodums but i cant remember the company and i cant find the post, i am truly puzzled and wondered if anyone knew where i could buy them or make them as this company was selling them at their food establishment but i cannot find the post and i cant even remember where i saw it online and i cant recall the name of this company, i am very perplexed and when a lovely lady in my group shared your recipe i thought perhaps you may know a bit more about indian food/cooking than myself many thanks

    1. kellie anderson says:

      Hi Natalie. Interesting question! Because of the nature of poppadums – ultra-thin and crisp – I imagine it would be dried flavourings that mimic mint chutney. Here in the UK a crisp (potato chip) brand called Walkers have a mango chutney flavoured poppadum snack. It’s in the normal crisp and snack aisle. I’m wondering if you check the same kind of aisle in your supermarket – rather than an Asian store – if something likes this might be there. Sorry not to be of more help, but this is the closest I can get! PS I hope you have a look around Food To Glow for other recipes and ideas 🙂

  25. Natalie Carson says:

    hello kellie, many thanks for your reply and recent email to me that i had about my puzzling question about mint chutney popadums that you sent very recently, thanks for sharing that wonderful information, i do appreciate you taking the time to email and reply , yes i will do those things and check out what you suggested, once again thanks for doing that its deeply appreciated …

    1. kellie anderson says:

      I’m always happy to help. 😊

  26. Juhi says:

    Hi Kellie! Hope you and yours is well, and healthy. I just had a quick question: there’s been no new recipe since December on your site and I just wondered if this is some glitch on my end or it is indeed that way? No issue at all if it’s the latter but I just thought I’d check once!

    Wishing you and your loved ones safe spaces and good health!

    1. kellie anderson says:

      Just seeing this, Juhi. I took a break that lasted much longer than I expected. Thank you for reaching out and checking on me! But yes, as you will have now seen, I’m back. I really appreciate your support and well wishes xx

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