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Whole Food eggs Benedict > Blend steamed butternut squash with a few key ingredients and you have a credible whole food hollandaise sauce for topping your eggs, veggies, pasta - and anything else that takes your fancy. Once made, this sauce will be your go-to for luxurious but nutritious breakfasts, and more.

I have become increasingly obsessed with breakfast, myΒ favourite meal of the day. As soon as I wake, and sometimes before I go to sleep, my thoughts are of what to have for theΒ first meal of the day. As I fill my oldΒ stovetop coffee maker with scoops of espresso (sadly now decaf) and cold, clear water …

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It is not very often that I go a bit crazy with my own cooking. Like most cooks and food bloggers I will make stuff, serve it, write about it, but gosh don’t I get embarrassed when people like it. Do you do that too? It is not that we aren’t grateful for adulation – …

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