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Kimchi nachos - healthy trash food? Maybe yes, maybe no. But either way it is so good and made in a snap. Liven up your telly viewing with this Korean-style snack

I hope you don’t mind me popping up on the weekend, but I just wanted to share the first post in a short series of quick, easy and fun recipes from my Instagram account. This first one is “trash” food with a twist, while the other two feature one of my favourite foods – eggs! So, grab your kimchi jar and let’s get …

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I don’t often post anything that is fried, for the simple reason that I rarely fry anything. Sauteeing onions is usually as far as it goes at food to glow. For the most part my digestion does not cope well with fried food. “Does not cope well” is a euphemism by the way. There are exceptions …

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Hands up, who likes granola? Excellent, that’s most of you. But did you know that some of the granola we eat should really be re-classified as dessert? Despite its rather saintly image, most granolas are quite high in both sugar and fat. And we tend to eat rather more than the suggested serving size. Unless …

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