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Kimchi nachos - healthy trash food? Maybe yes, maybe no. But either way it is so good and made in a snap. Liven up your telly viewing with this Korean-style snack

I hope you don’t mind me popping up on the weekend, but I just wanted to share the first post in a short series of quick, easy and fun recipes from my Instagram account. This first one is “trash” food with a twist, while the other two feature one of my favourite foods – eggs! So, grab your kimchi jar and let’s get assembling! For further recipes you will need a spiraliser or grater, a pair of scissors and some clean rubber gloves (!) You have been warned…


I’m not sure if I have invented Kimchi Nachos, but I haven’t seen it anywhere else so I thought I would share it for you as I make this far too often not to!

Oh, apologies for the grainy shots but they are screenshot from my laptop, so not the best. Don’t squint too hard trying to make the image look sharper!

Kimchi Nachos

  • Servings: 2-3
  • Difficulty: easy
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Find kimchi in any good Chinese or Korean supermarket, or spend a few days waiting to make this by mixing up your own kimchi. Loads of recipes online. This easy and quick recipe is ridiculously good so I hope you find the time to give this one a go. Goes well with lager and cold matcha green tea.  xx

Plain tortilla chips to cover a baking tray (I rate M&S ones)

1/2 cup (about) kimchi of your choice, drained lightly and chopped

1/2 cup grated strong Cheddar cheese or other flavourful melting cheese (I have yet to try this with my packet of vegan cheese but it would work)

Handful of sprouts of your choice – I buy Good 4 U Nutrition Quinoa Sprout Mix (a UK brand)

Korean hot pepper flakes or other hot pepper flakes, such as Aleppo or the kind you sprinkle on pizza

Heat the oven to 180C/350F. Line a tray with baking parchment if you like (I don’t bother most of time). Lay on the tortilla chips in a single layer, top evenly with chopped kimchi, then the cheese. Bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes. Sprinkle over the chilli flakes and sprouts. Eat off the tray in a huddle. That is mandatory. No plates or cutlery.

If you fancy more ultra-quick recipes like this, do follow me on Instagram. I post something everyday, often previews of recipes that appear here, but also Instagram-only recipes (this post you are reading is a sample of what goes up on my bit of the Millennial’s playground), product reviews and what I eat out and about: you may see quite a lot of cardamom buns!

Hashtag anything you make from the blog or from my Instagram feed as #foodtoglowmakes, or mention me @food_to_glow (Instagram), @foodtoglow (Twitter) or Food To Glow  (if you follow me on Facebook) and I will come by and see what you are up to. My blood orange polenta cake was made and shared by a number of folk, and it was so great to see the awesome images pop up on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Some of you have made it into a breakfast food! I like your style. 🙂

I am just heading out to the garden on this sunny morning to help Andrew cut the hedges and warm up the raised beds for some end-of-March seed sowing. What are you up to??

**PS My friend and fellow food lover Alison just sent me this funny article on a journalist’s hatred of kimchi. I’m a bit nervous of the ultra-fizzy stuff (long fermentation), preferring it lightly fermented. If, with my bad hearing, I can actually hear my kimchi, I tend to compost it. 🙂 **

33 thoughts on “Easy Kimchi Nachos For The Weekend (an Instagram Recipe)

  1. debspots says:

    I don’t have a source of good kimchi, I really need to make some!

    1. It’s well worth it, Debs. I make it occasionally but I tend to buy it. Good to hear from you. 😊

  2. elisecopps says:

    Mmm! These look delicious. One of my neighbourhood haunts serves kimchi nachos but I’ve never thought to make them myself. Thanks for the recipe!

  3. superfitbabe says:

    Now that’s what I call a fusion recipe! These things are so different but they look like they go so well together in this dish!

    1. Thanks so much, Cassie. I try not to have these too often, but we really like them a lot 🙂

  4. Why is nachos trashy food? I snack on them occasionally.. I love nachos and kimchi, great combo!

    1. Guess it’s more the association with going to the movies and all of the rubbish food you can get there! And certainly from personal experience it’s not usually very whole food. 🙂 I’m sure yours are much classier than mine used to be!

  5. Inspired! I am in desperate need of a quick weekend pick me up after travelling up and down the UK like a madwoman for the last fortnight, this may well be it! Thank you 🙂

    1. This would be a great pick me up. The spices, the crunch, the tang. Oh yes, these are saying “Chris, make me” 🙂

  6. Love the sound and ease of this Kellie….lots of powerful and comforting flavours packed into a comfort platter of yumminess😘💕 Must try very soon!

    1. Report back please, Seonaid. I know these are right up your street. If you don’t have kimchi, let me know 😊😊

      1. I don’t currently….but I feel a trip to the Chinese/ Asian supermarket coming upon me😆

      2. If they have Yuzu juice, get that too. You would LOVE it. I made up a very simple Slaw I shared on Instagram today flavoured with Yuzu juice as the acid component. Oh my! I used Yuzu in the drizzle for the post before this one 🙂

      3. Gosh you are such a temptress Mrs Anderson😵😘

  7. Actually, you are right need to get into garden and start preparations for homegrown veg etc….

    1. I’m heading to a good garden centre later today. One that stocks Scottish raised plants and has great seeds for our colder climate. 🙂 Enjoy the sunshine if you have it.

  8. How delicious is this! I might just try my hand at this, kimchi nachos seems just right for a Sunday evening.

    1. They are also s way to cheer up a weeknight too. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, Fernando.

  9. Kimchi nachos? OMG, sounds like heaven!! looks delicious 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Amanda. We really love them. This is honestly now of our favourite quick snacks. I will be trying them with some homemade chickpea flour tortillas sometime soon. 🙂 Ceri at natural kitchen adventures has a recipe for the tortillas. Here’s her link

  10. Looks so good!

  11. Fantastic idea, Kellie! You’re right I haven’t seen this anywhere else, except for your grilled kimcheese version. 😉

  12. Maryana says:

    Love your recipes and photos. Your Insta account is amazing!

    1. Thanks so much, Maryana! You can probably tell that I LOVE Instagram. 😊😊

  13. Nachos are my absolute weakness, so i’m loving your new kimchi spin on them!!!! Insta recipes is a brilliant idea too… will be watching out for your next creation 🙂

  14. chefceaser says:

    Reblogged this on Chef Ceaser.

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