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Try this easy, foolproof "aquafaba" recipe to make the fluffiest, healthiest, creamiest, craziest vegan chocolate mousse ever. Options for different flavourings, but we think rose water is perfect for Easter. This is a perfect recipe for those with egg or dairy allergies. And kids love it!

Interesting Fact: dessert recipes don’t usually begin with, “take a can of chickpeas…”. But this one does. My Easter gift to you is the easiest, funkiest, chocolatiest, healthiest and most shocking vegan recipe that I make. Until the next one, at least. I’ve got a doozy up my sleeve to share soon.  🙂 I have …

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Last post’s long and winding road to broth was probably a step too far for some of you. Although extremely gorgeous with the toasted Asian aromatics and the lightly seared vegetables, I have inserted into the post a welcome sentence, in bold: If you want to take a shortcut you may skip the first two …

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chocolate chestnut truffle cake

For not being overly crazy about chocolate I seem to have my fair share of chocolate based recipes here on food to glow. But I must say that this is my favourite. I think what I like – other than the knockout taste – is that it is a recipe that has basically haunted me …

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