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Try this easy, foolproof "aquafaba" recipe to make the fluffiest, healthiest, creamiest, craziest vegan chocolate mousse ever. Options for different flavourings, but we think rose water is perfect for Easter. This is a perfect recipe for those with egg or dairy allergies. And kids love it!

Interesting Fact: dessert recipes don’t usually begin with, “take a can of chickpeas…”. But this one does. My Easter gift to you is the easiest, funkiest, chocolatiest, healthiest and most shocking vegan recipe that I make. Until the next one, at least. I’ve got a doozy up my sleeve to share soon.  🙂 I have …

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I really really wanted to title this, “Bloody Freakin’ Genius Chocolate Mousse,” but that a) might have sounded a bit rude to the more sensitive among you (sorry), and you might have clicked away; and b) it might have sounded a bit hyperbolic – and you might have clicked away, this time shaking your head at the …

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