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Forget stirring and stirring to get your perfect risotto, try baking this barley version, studded with Tenderstem broccoli and topped with garlic-butter langoustines or prawns. An easy, midweek dinner.

This is a partnered post. If, like me, you are more likely to associate risotto with the typical cooler months than with July, then you may be surprised to see this recipe. A proper risotto does after all involve standing over a hot stove, attending a gently bubbling pot until the requisite creaminess is attained – not something to be recommended …

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This post is in support of the Waitrose #AutumnWarmers campaign. Details below. Have you ever had an idea that pesters you until you make it a reality? You go about your daily tasks, head down in work, or beetling about ferrying kids hither and yonder, but still the thought doesn’t leave you. It drifts into your …

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The first, slender shocking-pink stalks of January’s forced rhubarb have come and gone. And at quite a ticket. Did you take home a paltry bundle at exorbitant price like I did? If so, did you roast it to enjoy with slices of blood orange, or poach it gently under foil? Did you pair it with apples under …

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