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Forget stirring and stirring to get your perfect risotto, try baking this barley version, studded with Tenderstem broccoli and topped with garlic-butter langoustines or prawns. An easy, midweek dinner.

This is a partnered post. If, like me, you are more likely to associate risotto with the typical cooler months than with July, then you may be surprised to see this recipe. A proper risotto does after all involve standing over a hot stove, attending a gently bubbling pot until the requisite creaminess is attained – not something to be recommended …

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Well, you learn something new every day. You know those crunchy, breadcrumb-coated morsels sold as scampi? The sweet, affordable and delectable fried bites dunked in tartare sauce, or squirted with lemon and always served with a pile of salty chips? Well, scampi are actually langoustines. Yes, these golden-red mini-lobsters, their spiky, forbidding shells holding succulent, sweet meat, are indeed child-friendly scampi. …

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