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An A/W warm salad using winter squash, shredded sprouts, hearty grains, juicy pomegranate, earthy chestnuts, all topped off with a zingy vegan Buffalo ranch dressing to chase away the winter blues.

I know, being a Floridian at heart, I should really prefer summer, but there is so much gorgeous produce to eat right now that late autumn and early winter are pretty hard to beat. Okay, maybe the British weather is a bit pants underwhelming much of the time, but the produce that’s coming in is stunning: crimson globes of …

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A glowing, richly flavoured easy dish with oodles of nutrients and plant goodness. The cinnamon-pomegranate dressing pulls it all together and makes it more than the sum of its parts. Vegan and naturally gluten-free.  Winter is brooding, low and heavy, across much of the Northern Hemisphere. While tenement-deep drifts of snow plague places like Minnesota …

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Botanically identical to tender-skinned summer squashes, winter squashes are my unsung hero of autumn-winter eating. Not only do they keep well – you can forget about them for over a month and they will still love you – they are just about the most useful and delicious of the cold weather crops. Butternut squash, acorn, Delicata, …

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