food to glow

feel good food that's good for you

Health-enhancing ingredients mixed into a no-bake granola bar. Perfect for healthy snacking and lunch boxes. Vegan and easily gluten-free.

Marrying health with not only taste but ease and interest is something I aim for – most days. I’ve got better at it over the years, I think. Not only in my day-to-day cooking adventures but in recipe development for work, brands and here on my tiny slice of cyberspace. As we all seem to be …

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How can a recipe with no chicken and no mayo be a chicken salad? You would be surprised. White beans, avocado mayo, and the usual suspects of celery, salad onions, tarragon and nuts (in this case, pecans) give a credible imitation without involving our cluckin’ lovely feathered friends. When I first started thinking about making this I was merrily carrying my coat over …

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Imagine flaky pastry, crispy and buttery. Now imagine it enveloping spiced minced lamb, juicy and dripping. Well, you’re not getting that today. But don’t be too disappointed because I’ve got something just as good, but a bit healthier. Naturally.

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