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Beetroot and raspberry #granola for a healthy #breakfast or #snack. Vegan recipe

If you can turn on a oven, you can make this easy, whole food granola. Beetroot powder adds the subtlest of pink hue without any weird taste. And the nuggets of dried raspberry are little sweet-tart flavour bombs on the tongue. A fab breakfast or snack for the whole family. Countless batches of granola have …

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When I think of gratins (more often than you might imagine) I think of a dense pile of creamy, cheesey thinly sliced potatoes, bubbling and browned. A dish so rich that when you dig out a lush spoonful it is umbilically attached by a stretch of gooey cheese. Now that’s a gratin.

I’m afraid this is a bit of a cheat. Our three-day week – thanks to lovely Kate (err, Katherine) and William – has got me feeling a bit lazy, so this will be a quick post. Not only is it a quickie, it’s borrowing from my last post – Wild Garlic Pesto Risotto. In that …

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