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A snappy little raw pomegranate and cranberry relish cum salsa to make Christmas leftovers almost as good the second time round! It is also really fantastic with grilled or poached salmon and as a buffet salad. Add fresh slices of chilli for a proper salsa.

  I love Christmas dinner as much as anyone. After all, I pretty much get to make the menu, cook it and serve it. Just today my daughter Rachel and I have donned felt antlers to make up some venison sausage rolls, cranberry sauce and start fermenting blini batter for smoked salmon blinis that we serve Christmas …

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The American day of Thanksgiving is almost here and, if you are from the States and in charge of this day’s dish-heavy meal, no doubt you have your menu planned, with perhaps some dishes stashed in the freezer to make life easier on the day itself. Thanksgiving is always the last Thursday in November, so is a normal …

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In my last post to you I said that I would be back with my favourite Brussels sprout recipe. Most of us have a favourite brownie recipe {here’s mine} a favourite soup recipe {this is my winter favourite}, and a favourite curry {here – omg it is so good!} but Brussels sprouts? Really? If you are …

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