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Zucchini Carpaccio with fennel pollen and pine nuts for an easy & sophisticated starter or side dish. #vegan #salad #sidedish #starter #appetizer

I didn’t want what is left of summer to slip away without sneaking in this no-recipe recipe for zucchini carpaccio. The poor old zucchini – we call them courgettes in the UK – doesn’t get a lot of love. They are the also-rans compared to summer’s brightest stars – saline-sweet tomatoes, glossy eggplants, sky-climbing beans, …

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Simple savoury tarts like this are my summer go-to for a quick-to-the-table mid-week meal. Is that enough hyphens for one sentence? 😉 Actually, I make a version of this all year-round for my cancer nutrition classes. Sometimes with asparagus, sometimes with hummus (!) instead of cheese; occasionally I go a bit bolder and layer it up …

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