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cream of avocado soup food to glowI love being introduced to new foods and recipes. Don’t you? Pouring over others’ food blogs, visiting markets in far-flung cities and countries, ordering the wackiest (within reason) thing on the menu. Love it.

Possibly my favourite food-related activity – other than eating the stuff – is looking at commonplace ingredients and trying to finesse something unique from them, or at least sufficiently different to add another dimension. For instance, I have previously welcomed the challenge of making lentils acceptable for breakfast (and this one too). Or just about acceptable!

cream of avocado soup food to glowSome of what I do – as part of my job as a cancer health educator and healthy recipe developer – is tweaking everyday recipes. On my cancer nutrition courses I encourage participants to look at the recipes they are already comfortable making and looking at how to make them just a little better for them and their family. It is all well and good having new recipes, but it is often more useful to those really wanting to make permanent and positive changes to their eating just to add more goodness to what they are already doing. Adding more veg to a stew, say. Or swapping their muffin and milky coffee for a small piece of something like this apricot and citrus no-bake bar and a cup of green tea.

apricot and citrus raw bars

apricot and citrus raw bars

I love this part of my job as people are just so damn grateful that they don’t have to empty their purses and fill their shopping carts with exotica in order to pursue healthful change. Tweak what you know.

But in my kitchen – and experimenting firstly on just us – more often than not I get a notion that something might go together and then I just kind of go for it. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it goes straight in the compost bin (in lieu of a Labrador).

If you have been reading me awhile you will know I adore big flavours and all things savoury. If I was to declare a food day it would definitely be Kimchi Day. Or a Kimchi for Breakfast Day. 🙂 Many of my concoctions revolve around bold flavours. My tweaks on old favourites, too.

But sometimes the more subtle tastes also intrigue and beguile.

Nowadays avocados are pretty commonplace. In my house, as with lemons and good olive oil, they are a staple food. Mostly I smear them on toast (how cliche) after having made what I call a chopping block guac – smooshed ripe avocado, pulverised to a thick vegetal cream right on the chopping board, with some lemon or lime and salt – maybe a sprinkle of za’atar or dukkah. Favourite quick breakfast. Full stop.DSC_0331

So, when I ‘discovered’ this Colombian Cream of Avocado Soup – Crema de Aquacato – I just had to try it. I’m not sure why I thought that avocado soup would be a good call – why ruin a perfectly good fruit by cooking it? – but I noodled around on the Interwebs for inspiration, alighting on what I now think of as a green gazpacho. I immediately clocked that it was amped up with heavy cream (double cream to us in the UK), chicken stock, butter and was served hot. Now I’m sure that this way, the traditional way, is perfectly delicious. Fabulous even. And if I had a smaller waist it would appeal. But I don’t so it doesn’t. Hence Operation Lighten Up. If you are small of waist perhaps try it the original way (there are numerous versions on the Web), but we kind of like this non-trad take on this new-to-me way to use avocados. Plus it is so quick that it gave me plenty of time to drool over other recipes before I had even licked the bowl clean. See links below for more cold soups and avocado recipes.

Now just wait till you see what I’m going to do with eggplant!

cream of avocado soup food to glow

Colombian Cream of Avocado Soup – lightened up and vegan

  • Servings: 4 big bowls
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Normally served warm, cream of avocado soup is equally delicious whizzed up with ice cubes and served straight from the blender. This is a perfect light appetizer or starter for a Mexican or South American meal, or even to go with grilled vegetables or fish.

The traditional recipe calls for cream, chicken stock and butter but I’ve translated this a bit to make it not only quicker, lighter and less hassle, but also vegan. The coconut milk takes this in a completely different direction but I hope you think it is a good one. Use yogurt or lower fat crème fraiche if the coconut milk doesn’t float your boat.

Adapted from


6 spring onions/scallions, trimmed and roughly chopped

1-2 garlic cloves, peeled

2 perfectly ripe avocados – halved, stone and skin removed, flesh roughly chopped

1 tbsp lime juice, plus more to taste

¼ tsp freshly ground cumin (preferably from lightly toasted seeds)

600ml (2 &  3/4 cup)cool light vegetable stock + 5 ice cubes OR 700ml ( 3 & 1/3 cup) stock

250ml (1 cup) coconut milk, coconut yogurt, Greek yogurt, almond milk, lower fat crème fraiche or cream

Good handful of fresh coriander/cilantro, stems too

Chopped tomatoes, chopped avocado, shaved fresh coconut, and/or coriander leaves – garnish ideas

1. Put all but the stock in the blender. Blitz until completely smooth, using a blender, an immersion blender stick or food processor. I used my trusty Froothie Optimum 9400 super-blender and it took just a few seconds.

2. Remove the stopper on the blender lid and gradually add the stock while the machine is running slowly, then replace the cap and process on high for a few more seconds. It is ready to garnish how you wish (tomatoes are gorgeous), and slurp! Baked tortilla chips or pitta chips would be great, as would these recent panko-crusted baked stuffed courgette blossoms (seen in image).cream of avocado soup

To make as warm soup, don’t use ice cubes (!) and use warm stock. Depending on your machine you may either pour the blended soup in a pan to heat, or continue blending and let the friction heat the soup. High-speed blenders like the Froothie heat the soup in this way. If using a soup-maker, follow manufacturer’s instructions.

cream of avocado soup with baked stuffed courgette blossoms

cream of avocado soup with baked stuffed courgette blossoms

Want a more substantial soup? Top with sautéed prawns, chopped hard-boiled eggs or blend in cooked beans, such as cannellini.

Other cold soups and avocado goodness from my fellow bloggers:

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And here’s a link to a few of my own Avocado recipes, as well as this post on how to choose and store avocados + A Simple Guacamole recipe. Avocados appear randomly in other recipes too. Love them!

Nutrition: blood sugar-regulating, cancer-preventing, heart protecting, eye-saving – do you need any more convincing that avocados need to be in your life? Okay then, a top five-way, anti-inflammatory food with wads of healthy monounsaturated fats, fibre, Vitamins K, B6, C and E, folate and potassium. Get thee to the shops and buy some now. Never mind those calories (1/2 an avocado = 140 calories). This article gives a good synopsis of the health benefits and uses of avocados.

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  1. Julie says:

    Ta recette est plus appétissante que sur l’autre site 🙂 Bravo et merci pour le partage !

    1. Thanks so much, Julie! I do like the other one – it has avocados after all! – but thanks for the lovely comment 😉

  2. Just lovely! And ‘Tweak what you know’ is a great message. I, too, love discovering new foods equally with dreaming up new concoctions. I absolutely love your site.

    1. Aw, thanks Kate. I love yours too! Love that smoothie 🙂

  3. I really enjoy cold avocado soup – these flavors in the soup are to die for. I haven’t thought of making it warm though. And I love your advice to tweak what you know. We want people to make changes that are sustainable for them and their lifestyle. And this is certainly the way to get them there.

  4. This looks incredible. Stunning picture.

  5. Francesca says:

    This looks amazing!! Must try!

  6. Another recipe of yours that looks out-of-this-world delicious!

  7. platedujour says:

    Oh another avocado recipe!! I will be trying this one for sure, it looks delicious 🙂

  8. Emma says:

    This is simply gorgeous! I adore avocados and have used them in smoothies but not yet in soup.
    I must try those apricot & citrus squares you linked too as well…probably the chocolate version!

    1. I haven’t made the citrus bars in a little while but they are really lush. Do the chocolate! Like jaffa cakes!

  9. Deena Kakaya says:

    Kimchi for breakfast day- ha! As someone who has been visiting your site for a while now, I can totally understand this statement coming from you!

    Yes I do enjoy discovering new foods and also surprising myself on what my taste buds will enjoy; I don’t nowmally do cold soups and wouldn’t ordinarily use avocado like this and so seeing your creamy, bright and gloriously inviting picture of this curiously delicious and healthful recipe I am totally tempted to give it a go. Xx

  10. I love cold soup and I love avocados. What a great way to use avocados 🙂

    1. Thanks Dannii. And I just noticed that you linked to me in your latest post – thank you!! Your weight loss ‘journey’is quite astounding and inspiring 🙂

  11. Sophia says:

    Mmm, this looks so delicious! I did try a cucumber cold soup a little bit ago, and this looks amazing as well! I will definitely visit those other blogs! Thanks! 🙂

    1. I hope that you do visit them. What were the flavours in the cucumber soup, or was it concentrating on the cucumber-ness alone?

      1. Sophia says:

        Hi! Sure !)) it was cucumbers, watercress, avocado and lime juice)))

      2. Yum! I do a cold quick sauce for poached salmon with same. Versatile!

      3. Sophia says:

        Mmm do you have a recipe up for it? 🙂

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  13. Yum, this sounds delicious! Love the colour as well.

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  15. Nandini says:

    Beautiful image and I bet it must be equally tasty 🙂

  16. Liz Posmyk of Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things says:

    Kellie, I absolutely love this one!

  17. How interesting, something completely new to me 🙂 by the way, due to dietary issues, my brother eats lentils for breakfast daily!

    1. I won’t ask! But yes, the avocado soup while not new to me as a concept is new to me in this form. Lots of South American foods appeal although tbh it’s also a lot of meat. But the flavourings are gorgeous. I do a Brazilian-ish black bean and pepper salad with orange, lemon, lime, oregano and cumin. I’ve used that recipe at work for over 8 years! (in blog index)

      1. Cool, I’ll have a look 🙂

  18. Such a delicious idea and I would never want to add in double cream and butter to an avocado based soup. it cannot need that added richness surely?! I also can’t wait to get using my Froothie more once I am back fro France, it is the most brilliant machine 🙂

    1. I know, the Froothie really is so quick and quiet compared to even the venerable Vitamix. And so much cheaper! Enjoy your French adventure. Lot of inspiration there, for sure 🙂

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    Looks very healthy.

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  21. thehipalley says:

    This looks delicious, I’ve never tried making avocado soup but avocado- green pea hummus is a staple in my kitchen, so I’m sure I will love this one as well 🙂

    1. Mmm that hummus sounds fab!

      1. thehipalley says:

        I might make a recipe post about it in the near future 😀

  22. Susan says:


  23. narf77 says:

    I really love the clean fresh new look your blog is radiating these days and your image is delightful :). This soup is SO full of summer promise that I can’t wait for summer to make some. Avocado’s are a year round thing here in Australia thanks to us being able to take advantage of Queensland and the top end’s avocado production but they are still expensive down here in Tassie so are best left till summer time when they start to drop in price. I adore the little green buttery things and use them like you would butter. They are amazing added to muffins etc. to add a lovely creamy (delightful green) flavour. I am on a soup jag at the moment and this soup couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you for sharing. Is the Froothie Aussie? I have a vitamix that I bought at a hideously expensive price that although it is going great guns is getting on in age and if it’s an Aussie delight, for once I shouldn’t have to hock the son-and-heir to get hold of one. Again, cheers for the soup and the great post and as one of those MOST grateful people I salute you :).

    1. I think I use them similarly – instead of butter and a few experiments with muffins too! The Froothie IS Australian, but are a welcome addition here in the UK- more choice in the high performance blender market is always good, espesh at such a great price. I just looked on the Aussie site and you can get the one I have for $471 (regularly $891). Sounds a great deal! No hocking of son and heir required 😉

      1. narf77 says:

        I paid $1200 for my Vitamix back in 2006! I adore it to the max but that’s a LOT of money for a blender. I wince whenever anyone asks me what I paid for it ;). The Froothie has more guts and costs a third of the price! Cheers for sharing Ms Kellie 🙂

      2. Ouch! But I bet you’ve had a lot of use from it. The price of being an early-adopter….LOVE my Froothie. It’s a proper workhorse.

      3. narf77 says:

        I didn’t use the vitamix till I moved to Tasmania and hauled it out of the box I was storing it in (because I needed the box 😉 ) and finally got around to using it. A most amazing thing and I use it almost daily, especially to make my non-dairy sesame seed milk 🙂

      4. I knew you would be getting loads of use from yours. If you ever need to get a froothie, be lured by fact that their slow juicer even has a tofu box with filter. Cool, huh? Haven’t used that yet but will make cheeze with it.

      5. narf77 says:

        Does the slow juicer come as part of the Froothie package or is it a separate product? Is it a bit like the old champion juicers? I have an Omni that I bought back when Adam wore short pants (maybe even before that 😉 ) that I used when I was going through a raw phase with juices and ended up using to make pasta and Korean rice cakes more than juice as it just wasn’t very good at juicing. I am going to have to go and have a good look at the website now, you have piqued my interest! 🙂

  24. Sally says:

    I’m convinced Kellie. Good sensible advice about tweaking what you know too.

  25. Wow! I will need to make this asap. Looks absolutely delicious!

  26. laythetable says:

    Honestly Kelly I am salivating at your photos! I want avocado soup NOW!

  27. Sophie33 says:

    A very delectable soup! Looks smashing too! 🙂 MMMM

  28. This sounds and looks absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to try it out!

  29. I am still drooling over that first photo and the colours Kellie. It is so intense I have so much work to do on my photography. As well as looking gorgeous the soup sounds pretty gorgeous too. Such a great combination of flavours. I can see myself making more and more soups in my Optimum 9400 as the winter approaches.

    1. Thanks, Jac x

  30. Monica says:

    This is obviously way up my street. I shall be garnishing mine with toasted pumpkin seeds. 🙂

  31. Newtrition4U says:

    Thank you so so much for all these posts & recipes, plus stunning pictures 🙂 I’ve just placed my order for the “Optimum 9400 blender”!!! So excited 🙂 I do have a food processor with a hand-held blender, as well as a Thermomix & masticating juicer, but I miss having the big see-through glass jug/blender, so at last it’s on the way to my kitchen! I had heard lots about how great the Vitamix blender was/ is, but always hesitated because of its price tag (not that the Optimum comes cheap either, but it does seem to have better specs, amazingly!). So thank you… Hopefully soon I’ll be posting my pics & recipes on my blog for you & one & all to enjoy (I hope!). Huge thx again.

    1. You will love the Froothie blender so much! Everyone who buys one seems to find so many varied uses for it. Loads of ideas on Froothie TV (YouTube channel and FB). Send me a link to your first recipe. Okay? Thanks, and happy blending!

      1. Newtrition4U says:

        Will do… It’s being delivered sometime today 🙂 Most excited! Am thinking something fruity… Banana, raspberry, mango & maybe some soy milk yoghurt or coconut milk, a little açai powder, flaxseed or chia seed & cacao nibs? Oh, and a little soya lecithin granules (non-GM of course!). Any suggestions, tips, ideas, recommendations?

      2. That combo sounds utterly delish. The blender comes with a decent little raw food cookbook. Quite homespun but all the better for it, I think.

      3. Newtrition4U says:

        The little recipe book is great to have… Lots of great combos, hints, tips… I’ve only got as far as putting it together and setting it up on my kitchen counter & turning it on to check it work, which it does 🙂 Tomorrow will be my 1st breakfast smoothie road-test! Happy days 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      4. Newtrition4U says:

        Hello again!
        I was wondering whether you might be able to help me? I bought the Froothie Optimum 9400 blender through the link on this/your blog & I was hoping to offer it/set it up the same way on my blog. Do I just contact Froothie directly? Also, I read somewhere that all your recipes were tried & tested on family/friends & through the voluntary work/cooking you do @ Maggie’s? I’d love to do something similar -I was going to attempt it once before but that was before I moved, so am in the process of getting to know my new home town for now 🙂 Best wishes

      5. Hi there. Regarding the Froothie, although I was approached by them to come onboard wish they first came to the UK I see that on their site that you can apply to become an ambassador. Go to and look at the Contact Us button where you will find a link to how to apply to be an ambassador. Good luck and best wishes, Kellie

  32. vcabrera03 says:

    i love this, i can literally eat spoon fulls. its a MUST try 🙂

  33. Breathtaking photos, gorgeous recipe, YUM!

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  35. Hello! Lovely recipe! Can you store this soup at all – or does the avocado turn all brown and mushy? How about in the freezer?

    1. I’ve never frozen it so I can’t say for sure, but if you freeze it right away after blending it might be okay. I’d add a little more citrus 🙂

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