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This is NOT a substitute for mashed potato. It is a fabulous, lux side dish to make, serve and eat on its own merit. Steam, blend, eat. A great everyday recipe to entice the veg-phobes in your life. A perfect Christmas or Thanksgiving accompaniment but quick enough for every day, too. :-)Mashed cauliflower has been around awhile, hasn’t it?

As the vanguard vegetable in the paleo and low-carb movement, cauliflower has transformed, Cinderella-like, from the last thing eaten on the plate (if at all) to being clamoured for – whole, roasted and burnished with spice. The centrepiece of the meal.

I started hearing about cauliflower as a carb sub back in 2011, but kind of ignored it. I just thought “why?” Why ditch mashed potatoes? Just give yourself less…I also thought, how can a whole roasted cauliflower – however herb-bedecked and dripping in tahini sauce – be a main meal, especially if you have growing children? I didn’t get it. I still don’t get it. At least not for these uses.

DSC_0146Yes, I am a bit of a hypocrite as I do dabble in low carb occasionally. My spiraliser even saw action this morning. But as with preferring a little real sugar to fake sugar, I prefer vegetables to be held up as beautiful, useful and delicious in their own right. Not as a poor imitation of something that we would actually prefer. You want the mashed potatoes? Eat the mashed potatoes.

So why mashed cauliflower? Isn’t this just a sad sop to our lust for potatoes? My husband, being a bit of a potato fiend, would say so. But I’m not proposing this as a substitute for the UK and North America’s favourite tuber. No, it deserves its own place alongside the roasted potatoes at the Christmas table – or on any dining table. Basically, and truthfully, it goes anywhere potatoes go. Anything that requires a savoury and creamy sidekick is fair game. But WITH potatoes.

Btw, this is Andrew-approved. He hoovered up almost the entire batch in one go, and merrily scraped the blender shiny-clean with the little curved spatula thingy that it comes with. I would have put the blender away if I didn’t know it hadn’t been washed. Eew, huh?

And I didn’t take away his potatoes…

This is NOT a substitute for mashed potato. It is a fabulous, lux side dish to make, serve and eat on its own merit. Steam, blend, eat. A great everyday recipe to entice the veg-phobes in your life. A perfect Christmas or Thanksgiving accompaniment but quick enough for every day, too. :-)

Incredible Mashed Cauliflower

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
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This cauliflower mash is a luxurious side dish in its own right. Any blender will do for this, but I love my Froothie Optimum 9400 (£50 off right now) as it not only blends the cauliflower to a puree, but fluffs it as well. Considering there is no starch, that’s a pretty nifty result. If you wish to double this, you will need to do in two batches. But it is super easy and quick, so this shouldn’t be a problem. It reheats well, too. Here’s some gravy to go with it. I spoil you, so I do. 😉 xx

1 medium-large cauliflower (about 800g), cut up into large bite-sized pieces (include the stem – it’s even tastier than the florets – true)

75g (2.6 oz) mild creamy goat’s cheese OR cashew cheese with pinch of nutritional yeast and squeeze of lemon added OR vegan cream cheese (beware of weird ingredients if bought stuff)

1 & 1/2 tbsp organic goat’s butter, cow’s butter OR vegan butter + extra for serving (you could also use olive oil)

1/4 tsp white pepper, more to taste

Salt to taste

What you need: steamer or lidded pan and a sieve or trivet insert; blender and spatula

1. Add water to the pan or steamer then pop in the the cauliflower; cover and steam for eight minutes.

2. Put half of the cauliflower (or whatever fits comfortably) into your blender and blitz until smooth. Add the remaining cauliflower, as well as the goats cheese, butter and pepper, and blend until completely smooth and luxurious.  Taste and adjust with salt if needed. Serve topped with a nice, fat square of butter, or a generous splash of gravy.

Note: this is a wonderful addition to the holiday table but is easy enough to do any day. It is also a great recipe to encourage children – and reluctant adults – to eat a wider variety of vegetables. For everyday eating perhaps use olive oil, or cut back on the butter. 🙂

This is NOT a substitute for mashed potato. It is a fabulous, lux side dish to make, serve and eat on its own merit. Steam, blend, eat. A great everyday recipe to entice the veg-phobes in your life. A perfect Christmas or Thanksgiving accompaniment but quick enough for every day, too. :-)

Other nice-sounding cauliflower side dishes suitable for the festive table:

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P.S. I am posting a Christmas Recipe roundup soon!

spring-onion-scallion-gravy food to glow

Spring onion gravy – so good!



40 thoughts on “Incredible Cauliflower Mash Recipe (a perfect festive side dish)

  1. I do love the combination of cauliflower and cheese, but had never thought of goats cheese and this sounds heavenly Kellie

    1. It’s pure luxury. And the goat’s butter too 🙂 xx

      1. Have never tried goats butter…it sounds deliciously decadent!!

  2. kelly says:

    Yuuum. Making this for lunch!

    1. Yay! So glad it ticked your lunch box 😉

  3. Gorgeous!!

  4. Poppy says:

    I love cauliflower mash and and your creamy cheesy addition sounds just so luxurious! I can’t wait to try the vegan version of this Kellie!

    1. Thanks so much, Poppy. Cashew cheese is my choice for the vegan version. What are you going to choose? And thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂

      1. Poppy says:

        I’ll go for the cashew cheese too Kellie. It’s so luscious and comes together so easily in the Froothie plus, as you say, no funky ingredients! 🙂

  5. glutenfree vegetarian meal ideas says:

    Making this for dinner 😋 tfs

  6. You know me – I fall into that potato loving category but I absolutely love this too, wonderful! Brilliant, delicious and I know you like hearing how us readers eat it, well, I might have a wee splash of truffle oil on the top simply because I put truffle oil on just about anything I can 😉 – remember the bottle I bought when I was with you in London…its nearly finished, oops! You are a genius with recipes btw, thank you 🙂

    1. Ha ha! You know, when I was writing it up I actually meant to include truffle oil as an option! Great minds, etc. I will definitely add it as a wee drizzle for my next batch. 🙂

      1. Earth sis x

  7. That looks so indulgent Kellie! I love making cauliflower mash, but I have never had goats cheese in it. Great idea!

    1. It’s pretty indulgent for me, that’s for sure! Cauliflower is a great template for strong flavours, ins’t it? 🙂

  8. I adore cauliflower and usually cut it into thick slices for roasting. But mash sounds so seasonal and comforting! An cure for the winter blues in a bowl!

    1. I recently posted a roasted cauliflower recipe, a vegan take on chicken Marbella. I love roasted plain too. Nice to hear from you Deb

  9. Kavey says:

    I do adore cauliflower and it does mash so nicely, such a gorgeous flavour and yes, not a sub for potatoes but I might have it instead of carrot and swede mash, for example. Looks so good!

    1. Thanks so very much, Kavey. I have just had a vision of this swirled with the carrot and swede. 🙂

  10. Eb Gargano says:

    This sounds lovely. I love the idea of using goat’s cheese in it!

  11. You know whenever I go food shopping I always come back with at least 1 cauliflower. So delicious especially if it is fresh. Your mash looks very inviting. Love your photos!

  12. Yum! I love cauliflower, but have never gotten around to making mash – I may have to add it to my list!

  13. S. Heo says:

    I absolutely love cauliflower but never thought of mashing them before!

  14. Cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetables so I’m a supporter of your mash. Plus I agree it should have it’s own place at the table to be celebrated in its own right. Love the goats cheese in this!

  15. OMG that looks utterly delicious! I am one of those weird kids who has always liked cauliflower (the traditional serving of béchamel sauce and cheese with it might have been a hint…!). I loved cauliflower steaks before low carb became a thing, and a whole roasted cauliflower honestly excites me as a mail meal. I need to get out more, right?! But seriously, I am in love with this dish – it looks and sounds super-creamy and I am definitely going to give it a go!

  16. cookwitch1 says:

    This takes me right back to *ouch* 1999. I needed to lose weight, but with PCOS, that is always a struggle and so I found Atkins, and thus, cauliflower rice and mash. I love them both. The addition of Boursin was very much a favourite. Still is!!

  17. I have not bought a cauliflower in ages but now seeing this recipe I will add one to my basket, especially as you mixed thorugh my very favourite goats cheese. I’d hapily have this dish as part of the Chritmas offerings, sounds heavenly!

  18. Ooh, looks yummy. I made cauliflower mash years ago and wasn’t that impressed, but I really must try it again – your version looks so much better than mine did! Love the addition of goat’s cheese!

  19. Ceri Jones says:

    Incredible indeed. I love how cauliflower is so versatile – mash being another fine use of it! Thanks for linking to my cauli cheese efforts!

  20. Eartha says:

    This looks incredible! I have been trying to find different ways to enjoy eating cauliflower and this recipe looks like “the one”…

  21. Love the idea of using goat dairy instead of cow. New side dish for the holiday. Gonna share with my readers. Thanks

  22. Reblogged this on Not Just Tofu.

  23. I love mashed cauliflower, will have to try your version with cheese! Yummy 🙂

  24. choclette says:

    Oh my Kellie, mashed cauliflower WITH goat’s cheese. That has to be delicious indeed, especially alongside a roast potato or two 😉 I am most definitely going to try this. Looks so beautiful too.

  25. I have cooked with cauliflower alot its my other half fav but I have never made mash.Another one to add to the list of cauliflower ideas to serve him thanks.

  26. superfitbabe says:

    I LOVE cauli-mash! I’ve tried it before and it tastes amazing!

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