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breakfast tostadosSo, this is what I’ve been blowing my sacred jar of coconut bacon on. Other than picking it straight from the jar, or sprinkling the toasty smoky shreds on top of another (upcoming) breakfast concoction, this is how I’ve been spending the bacon.

It has everything I desire in a breakfast item: contrasting textures and tastes, banging nutrition cred, and ever so slight weirdness. Oh, and heat. Heat is my caffeine. 

breakfast tostadosBoth chopped Peppadews and brined jalapeños spike these Greens and Beans Breakfast Tostados, which are my tomato-less take on the famous Mexican breakfast, huevos rancheros.

As I said, heat is my caffeine. And some mornings are just two-pepper mornings for me. While you probably fill the gap that sleep missed by downing two espressos, I opt for chillies. The beans here are perfectly normal  – a must with huevos rancheros. But the spicy massaged raw kale is perhaps a new thing for some of you huevos rancheros aficionados.

So that’s three chillies, isn’t it?

Are you scared yet?

I have nothing, nothing at all against tomatoes – I can demolish a whole punnet of cherry tomatoes to myself – but for some reason I baulked at making a spicy tomato sauce that is the norm for huevos rancheros. And besides, my kale and chard plants seem to be in a race to see who can take over the garden first. If I wasn’t so deaf I’m positive I would hear them growing. And picking their leaves only serves to encourage these innocuous triffids. Which is of course fine by me. Not being desperately green-fingered I am just glad I found a few plants that seem to thrive on my ignorance and are so incredibly useful to us.

Soon I will share another breakfast partner for coconut bacon, and also a tomato-free shakshuka-type recipe. Again, another breakfast. I will break free from this rut I am in. Promise. But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy my ongoing and seemingly unquenchable breakfast obsession. We do eat other meals here at food to glow!

breakfast tostados

Greens and Beans Breakfast Tostados

  • Servings: 2-4
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Filling yet light, these spiced kale and bean tostados are perfect for a lazy breakfast, or even lazier brunch. I’ve written these up with pinto beans but use the more standard black beans if you like. And switch out the kale for some other greens too – spinach, Swiss chard or even collard greens add a great mineral hit.

4 small corn tortillas (not the tiny ones though)

2 tsp rapeseed oil or coconut oil, divided use

185g (1 cup) cooked pinto beans, black beans or borlotti beans, lightly mashed

2 spring onions/scallions, sliced

3 tbsp water

4 Peppadews and/or brined jalapenos, sliced (or fresh chillies if you like)

¼ tsp salt (optional)

1 ½ tsp cumin seeds (divided use)

1 packed cup shredded kale or other sturdy greens

1 tsp chipotle in adobos (mashed), Gran Luchito chili paste or other smoky chili paste (more to taste)

4 eggs

1 avocado

Leaf coriander, to garnish

1 lime, cut into 4 wedges

Hot sauce for serving (optional)

Coconut bacon for serving (optional)

Preheat the oven to 200C/400F.

1. In a small pan toast the cumin seeds over a low heat until fragrant; crush in a pestle and mortar or spice grinder and set aside. It’s nice if they are still a bit nubbly.

2. To the same pan add the beans, spring onions, 3 tbsp water, chopped Peppadews or jalapenos, salt and 1 tsp of crushed cumin seeds. Cover and keep warm.breakfast tostados

3. Pop the kale or other greens (even mixed greens) into a mixing bowl and massage in the chili paste. Set aside. Go ahead and slice the avocado into thin wedges and squeeze over a little lime juice if you like.

4. Brush the corn tortillas with a little of the oil, place on a tray and bake in the oven for about eight minutes, or until golden and crisped. Set aside.

5. Now it is time to cook the eggs. I steam-fried mine by brushing a little bit of oil in a lidded sauté pan, heating to medium and cracking in the eggs. Once the whites begin to set add a tablespoon of water and immediately pop on the lid. Cook until the eggs are the doneness you prefer. Don’t want a steam-fried egg? Just scramble, fry or poach. Or even leave them out entirely.

breakfast tostados

tostado in the garden selfie

6. To assemble the tostados, take a crisped tortilla and spread on one-quarter of the bean mixture, followed by some of the spiced greens and then the egg. Top with the avocado, coriander, remaining cumin seeds, hot sauce and coconut bacon. Add a lime wedge to the side. Dig in!

Want more? Here are some other vegetables you can turn into ‘bacon’!

Shiitake Mushrooms, from Guy Gone Vegan

Aubergines/Eggplant, from Le Sauce (thanks Monica Shaw for ‘advertising’ it)

And some Beans and Buckwheat too, from No Meat Athlete

Miss R’s Track of The Week is the latest EP from Edinburgh group Slumber Club. Ones to watch!

32 thoughts on “Greens and Beans Breakfast Tostados

  1. Very nice Kellie!! Chillies for breakfast? Fabulous!!

    1. Of course that would get your attention! One of your dips instead of the pinto bean and chilli mash??? Maybe two or three even? Mexican tapas kind of thing I think.

      1. Sounds like a fabulous idea!!

  2. Awesome spin on huevos rancheros. This is your breakfast, but it could be a great dinner as well, I would go for it any meal of the day!

    1. Any time of day – too right! We have had variations of this any time up until midnight (not recommending eating this too late though!), but we are on the hunt for food 24/7, or so it would seem x

  3. Deena Kakaya says:

    Oh my goodness Kellie! What are you doing to me? All my faves on one plate. Marry me x

    1. Aw thanks Honey! That’s so sweet of you to say that. I’ll show my Andrew your comment and clock his reaction (jealousy/concern/amusement/all3??) x

  4. Urvashi Roe says:

    I think you have some Indian in your genes with all these chillies for breakfast. Or perhaps Mexican ancestry? Hmmm anyways I think these are a perfect brunch for a Sunday at the allotment. Actually I think they are a perfect sinner (supper/dinner)

    1. No Indian or Mexican blood as far as I am aware, but I am allegedly 1/16th (1/8?) Cherokee on my Mother’s side. No connection with chillies of course, but perhaps a love of nature and trying to grow my own food. And yes, these could pretty much be eaten any time for us too. On an allotment, even better!

  5. Sally says:

    Love that line….’heat is my caffeine’ – Hear, hear.

  6. narf77 says:

    Another new blog look eh? I just got used to the last one ;). I was incredibly stoked to find real Sriracha (my spell checker wants me to change that to saccarin! Looks like it comes from Tasmania as well! 😉 ) on our supermarket shelves the other day! It was on the top shelf and looked dusty like no-one else in Tassie “got it” but I got it…so that delicious fragrant smack of heat is mine! Might have to buy me a few more bottles as I get the sneaking suspicion that it might not be on that top shelf for too much longer. Love this recipe, love the “bacon” and the “weirdness” of it for breakfast. An all round stellar recipe 🙂

  7. Love the new look of your site Kellie and this dish sounds so good. I love the thought of chilli being your coffee in the morning, I need to follow your lead although I first need to leave enough time in the morning to eat such a gorgeous dish. Chillies are the best!

    1. You are a busy lady so something like this would be a weekend treat for brunch perhaps. Thanks for stopping by, Laura.

  8. Liz Posmyk of Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things says:

    This breakfast packs some punch, Kellie! I think for me it would be more like lunch… but I do love it! My kale is coming along, harvested the first of it yesterday!

    1. Yes, not strictly breakfast but definitely brunch or light supper with some salady bits and bobs. Perhaps a bit summery for you now though. Although with the chillies this might actually be welcome 🙂 Stay warm!

  9. Breakfast tostados! Come to momma! My favourite part of when we do taco (or similar) dinners is the Mexi breakfasts the next day. You’re doing such fun stuff with your veggie bacon! My version is coming soon (Canada day post, cause what’s more Canadian than bacon?!) but I must say I’m being substantially less innovative than you!

    1. I do want to see what you are doing with yours for Canada Day. I’m sure you aren’t giving yourself due credit. All of your recipes are great!

  10. Maddydog says:

    Noooo – don’t stop with the breakfast recipes! I can’t bear boxed cereals and am always on the lookout for good breakfast foods. It is the one meal where I struggle to find wholesome, nutritious, filling fare for myself and family and your recipes are great so keep them coming.

    1. Thanks so much. You have come to the right place if you want healthy breakfast ideas! I’ll post another one soon 🙂

  11. Lovely jubbly recipe but may I also say I do love the new layout/letter type etc – Brilliant in fact!

    1. Thanks Niki. But there may be a problem. A reader, Sue, has emailed to say that only the header shows up for her. I went a checked with a neighbour who has a PC and the space between the header and the recipe was *massive* and it does look like that is all there is. I must contact the techy people and see what the deal is. I’ve paid for a new theme so it needs to be right for all computers, not just us Mac-heads. But yes, I do love the typeface 🙂

  12. iscribbler says:

    Those look delicious! I’m trying to break my toast habit and this looks like just the thing. 🙂 Funny how breakfast is my favorite meal, but I don’t really experiment much with it. Thank you for sharing a recipe that might just make me do that!

  13. Shannon Lim says:

    You just killed me. another awesome breakfast (or just about anytime of the day). My raw food teacher made fab eggplant bacons, which I’ve been wanting to ask for the recipe. Now I can just use your recipe 😀

    p/s: Love the new blog look! 2 thumbs up

  14. Linda says:

    Sounds amazing!

  15. yummy i made something similar last night actually! so good. will add coconut next time – great idea ! thanks for sharing

  16. I won’t say much about this divine breakfast, other than this…I will take mine WITH a large cup of coffee please 🙂 This is seriously my kind of breakfast too!

  17. Sue says:

    Morning, warm & sunny here today.. going to make the butternut squash curry laska, but can’t buy the yellow bean paste & don’t like the shrimp paste (hate anything fishy in fact) what can I use as a substitue ?

    1. HI Sue. Sunny and lovely here too. Two days in a row! As for the recipe, perhaps add a few shakes of soy sauce or tamari sauce. The recommended ingredients have more depth, but in essence they add salty umaminess that soy sauce will also give. I hope you like it!

  18. Looks delicious!! Will definitely be trying this out. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I love fresh, healthy Latin fare with flair! This is definitely a dish that I could wake up. 🙂

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