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We all know that homemade is better than takeaway, especially when it comes to pizza. Make your family happy by making this easy, food processor-kneaded wholewheat dough, and topping with slivers of long-stemmed broccoli, sauteed eggplant and kalette, all over a quick raw tomato sauce. Family-friendly vegan or vegetarian healthy eating. This also makes brilliant calzones too.

Despite being quite evangelical when it comes to home-cooking, a girl needs a break sometimes. While my preference is to go out, sometimes I really can’t be bothered makingΒ the effort, especially if it involves getting out of cosy pajamas (which I may put on as early as 4 pm in the dead of winter) or …

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This festive skillet phyllo pie is not only stuffed with loads of delicious things (wild rice, chard, chanterelle mushrooms) but hides a secret layer of savoury baklava crunch. It is also great with a puff pastry lid instead of the phyllo pastry. Perfect as the vegetarian main course at your Christmas Eve or Day table. Easily vegan.

This is a commissionedΒ post. Today’s two vegetarian recipes are extra special ones. Not because of what they are particularly – although shatteringly crisp phyllo pastry surrounding creamy wild mushrooms, wild rice, and sauteed chard is, I’ll admit, one of my new favourite flavour and texture mash ups. These holiday recipes are extra special because they …

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How to Eat Flower Sprouts – For Breakfast! Anyone who follows me on Instagram cannot fail to have noticed that I am a tad obsessed with flower sprouts. So much so that I even snack on them – crisped from a quick roasting and dunked in hummus. “But Kellie, isn’t this a bit strange? Nice …

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