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Who doesn't love a bowl meal all to themselves? Why not treat yourself to this vegan version of the popular Korean dish, bibimbap? Easy to sort toppings including kimchi, stir-fried shiitake, fried egg and spicy chickpeas make this a nutritious, colourful and assertively umami-ish dish. Easily scaled up for feeding the family or friends.

I don’t know about you, but I am always hard-pressed not to order a colourful bowl of bibimbap when given a Korean menu. I always intend trying something different, but rarely do I get get past saying, “Bibimbap, please. Extra kimchi.” Fun to say and fun to eat. Meaning “mixed rice”, this sizzling, often stone bowl …

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This is the easiest and quickest way to make Gochujang - the essential Korean red pepper paste used in so many Korean dishes. Date syrup rather than honey or sugar is the key to adding the depth of flavour often missing in commercial brands. Not fermenting. Just five minutes, a few easily obtained ingredients. one pan and a jar.

If you like Korean food – or even Korean-style food – you will know about gochujang. It is the richly sticky, piquant spice paste essential to many Korean stews (jjigae), and of course the deeply sensory, sizzling stone bowl rice dish, bibimbap. It is also often added into the unofficial national South Korean dish, bulgogi. …

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