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green tea guacamole with homemade purple tortilla chips on wooden tray

Super-green matcha tea-enhanced guacamole – traditional recipe, but with a superfood twist.  Today’s post is quite literally stuffed with my favourite tips for not only making the best guacamole, but also how to choose matcha tea. Both can be very simple, but I hope my years’ of experience making guacamole (30+ years) and drinking matcha …

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At any given weekend, from now until sometime in September, those puffs of smoke and enticing aromas emanating from nearby gardens are as likely to be barbecuing vegetables as they are sizzling meats. Certainly around these parts, despite the stubbornly cool temps and challenging winds, I have heard beery shouts and rose’-induced giggles marking the British barbecuing …

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No offence, but I want to hurry up and get this to you so I can GET OUTSIDE. Yesterday Scotland set a record for hottest March day on record, and today is poised to beat yesterday’s temperature of 22C. “Huh?” Well, believe you me, in Scotland 22C is a big deal. Even a big deal …

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