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cover of veggie desserts + cakes cookbook by kate hackworthy

A delicate apple-flavoured sponge, topped with a zesty apple icing and, although there is quite a bit of kale, the flavour doesn’t overpower the other ingredients. From the debut cookbook by Kate Hackworthy. Veggie Desserts + Cakes, the debut baking cookbook by top UK food blogger, Kate Hackworthy, celebrates rather than hides vegetables. More than …

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I’m not sure when I first knew about Susan. Did she find me, or did I find her? No matter. I’m just glad we did find each other over this Interweb thingy. Obviously as you are reading this blog on some kind of device through the modern voodoo that is the Internet, you don’t need …

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EATING FREE, by Manuel Villacorta, RD, MS, CSSD – a book review On the back of award-winning dietitian Manuel Villacorta’s new book, Eating Free, is the headline, “Lose Weight and Look Great Without Gimmicks and Guilt.” This is from a man who proposes that potential pound shedders eat carbs and exercise less. On the face …

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