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Spanish Fried Eggplant with Molasses and Rosemary is a delicious, easy appetizer (tapas) to enjoy in the summer sunshine.

Spanish fried eggplantFried eggplant with molasses – or honey – is a simple but stunning tapas dish served all across Andalusia, in southern Spain. We have enjoyed it many times, both in Spain and at home. The sweetly-savory crisped disks of soft cooked eggplant are irresistible. But I never thought to bring it to Food To Glow. Because, you know, frying.

I’ve decided, however, that there are enough adamantly healthy recipes on here that I can get away with bringing you this only healthy-ish one. Continue reading

bowl of roasted peaches with beige linen and vintage fork

Roasted peaches with sweet and tangy tahini-kefir cream is your new summer dessert. And breakfast!

portrait view of baked peaches in bowls with linen napkin and vintage cutleryThis post title is a bit of a bold claim. Although I am always proud of every recipe I publish here on Food To Glow, such horn-tooting is really not my style. Rather, I hope you are drawn to open your FTG notifications because you trust me. Trust that I am worth a few minutes’ of your precious time.

The reason I am being so forward today is to get your attention. You see, this recipe for roasted peaches is one I just know you will be making all summer long. That’s my plan at least. As long as juicy, voluptuously-fleshy peaches are available, I’m making this. I may yet get tired of their oven-roasted sweetness. But I really don’t think so. Continue reading

skillet on concrete background filled with baba ganoush, sauteed vegetables and pitta bread

Baba Ganoush Vegetable Skillet with Pitta Bread “Fries” and tangy Yogurt-Tahini Sauce turns your favourite Levantine dip into a meal. An actual, bona fide meal. Rejoice!

birds eye view of skillet full of baba ganoush and cooked vegetablesThis recipe is defined by its subtle smokiness. Eggplants get the BBQ or gas stove treatment, turning from fat, firm glossy obsidian fruit to a charred and collapsed heap.

Please trust me. I know it’s a bit of an ugly duckling, prettified with sautรฉed greens and those crispy bread “fries”. But if you even vaguely tolerate eggplant (aubergine), you will love this. ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading

No-Bake Chocolate Fig and Nut Bars are your new go-to snack for when you fancy a more nutritious nibble. Not only are they delicious and mainly whole food, these bars are easily customisable to your own taste. Make to take to work, the gym, school or camping. And of course, home snacking.

three pieces of chocolate fig and nuts bars on plate with small glass cup of coffeeNot infrequently I fancy a little something chocolately. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a choc-o-holic, but I do sometimes crave a nibble of the dark stuff. Maybe once or twice a week. Where do you fall on the chocolate craving spectrum?

My go-to bought treats are Kallo mini chocolate rice cakes, or Nairns chocolate chip oatcakes. Perhaps a couple of squares of plain dark chocolate. I know these choices don’t sound very treat-like, but I think they are pretty yummy. Usually I prefer savoury snacks – homemade sourdough toast with butter and Marmite, kale crisps, popcorn, tortilla chips, roasted sunflower seeds (love love these. obsessed).

Continue reading

flatlay of soft tacos with vegetables on baking paper

Jumpstart your summer with Golden Plantain Summer Vegetable Tacos. Smoky charred eggplant (think baba ganoush), pan-roasted corn, soft roasted plantain, bursting-ripe tomatoes in soft corn tortillas, covered in citrussy Cilantro Chimichurri. Do you fancy making some?

side on view of vegetable soft tacos on baking paper with deep blue backgroundSpring has slipped past me in a haze of travel. I’ve twice been home to Florida, much further south to Costa Rica, and twice down and back to London. No sooner are all of my clothes washed, dried and put away then I am rolling them up and stuffing them in suitcases. I don’t expect any sympathy, but I am really a homebody at heart. I like nothing better than pootling about in my own home, creating recipes for sharing here and at work. Besides, living in Edinburgh is like being on holiday all of the time anyway. Continue reading

green tea guacamole with homemade purple tortilla chips on wooden tray

Super-green matcha tea-enhanced guacamole – traditional recipe, but with a superfood twist.ย 

guacamole with hand holding purple tortilla chip with bit of guacamole on it

Today’s post is quite literally stuffed with my favourite tips for not only making the best guacamole, but also how to choose matcha tea. Both can be very simple, but I hope my years’ of experience making guacamole (30+ years) and drinking matcha (10+ years) may add to your knowledge base. If you would like to add your own advice and tips, please do leave a comment at the bottom of this post! I love hearing from you. Now, let’s hit that guac!

On the face of it guacamole is one of the easiest things to make. It certainly is a recipe of few ingredients and minimal equipment. In fact, here are the basic instructions: mash ripe avocados, then add some finely chopped onion, minced garlic and a goodly amount of fresh lime juice. Definitely some salt. Serve. Or sneak it away to some quiet spot and enjoy its rich, green gorgeousness solo with a bag of tortilla chips. ๐Ÿ™‚

But to make a really good batch we need to read between the lines. Make some crucial decisions. Yes, really. Continue reading

sliced grilled cheese sandwich with paneer and spinach on plates with green chillies and spinach leaves surrounding them.

Saag paneer grilled cheese – spicy chopped spinach (saag) grilled with crumbled paneer Indian cheese between slabs of good bread. Top with fresh coriander-mint chutney for a totally luxe snack or lunch. Vegan tweak is noted in the recipe card.

grilled paneer cheese and spinach sandwich on plates with chutney, tomatoes and green textile alongsideThink of this as your favourite Indian side dish – saag paneer – in a sandwich. A hot, crispy-crusted, grilled cheese sandwich. With spinach.

I hope this doesn’t sound too weird because, honestly, it’s so good. Continue reading

coriander-mint chutney in blue bowl with poppadom piece dipping into it, surrounded by chiiilies, herbs, lime halves. on concrete backdrop

Coriander-mint chutney is an easy-to-make green herb chutney that can be used as a healthy dipping sauce for many of your favourite Indian snacks, as well as being a zingy, fresh sauce for vegetables, cheese dishes, grains and salads. Lovely too as a sandwich spread, mixed with yogurt or pureed beans.

corinader-mint chutney in aqua bowl surrounded by herbs, lime halves, chillies all scattered on concrete surfaceWe don’t go out to eat as often as other people seem to. The reason for this is that I love to cook. To me, cooking and feeding others is not a chore, even though I do it for a living. Oh, and I don’t love getting dressed up, or changing clothes to be restaurant-presentable. This is especially so if I’m already home and done what most of us do when we get home: take off bra, and put on sweatpants and fluffy socks. Bliss.

Unless it is a really special occasion, or at the weekend perhaps, home-cooking (or home-reheating) reigns supreme at Food To Glow. Continue reading

Caprese Gnocchi with Burrata and White Beans is a simple, speedy and colourful 6-ingredient, summer-filled recipe for the whole family. Easily vegan, too.

extreme close up of gnocchi cparese with melting burrata cheese in white dish on concrete background, plus cutlery and green cloth Over the long Easter weekend we had the mixed blessing of being unintentionally Internet-less. As we can’t reliably get 4G where we are, it was like going back in time. Back to a simpler time before the bleep of notifications, and the all-consuming lure of the mindless scroll.

This idyll came to an end last night when Andrew half-heartedly installed our whizzy-fast new modem. Once connected to the outside world it took me a couple of hours to even try it out. I really wasn’t that bothered.

During our impromptu hiatus from the plugged-in world we did some serious grafting in the garden. Raised plant beds were built and filled with young, sappy seedlings; new border plants were dug in and older plants tended. The neglected lawn was fed, and weeds were pulled. Basically it was my ideal weekend. I couldn’t stop smiling. Did I miss Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? Nope. Continue reading

vegan hot cross bun pudding close up in white pie plate o white wooden background

Vegan Hot Cross Bun and Butter Pudding is an Easter-time take on the classic British Bread and Butter Pudding. Using bought wholemeal hot cross buns this pudding is soaked in homemade vegan custard and zinged up with rhubarb and saffron.

hot cross bun and butter pudding with pink tulips, white bowls, pink spoons and poached rhubarb alongside Whether you are religious or not, Iโ€™m sure by now youโ€™ve slung at least one packet ofย hot cross buns into your shopping trolley. In the UK, Waitrose and Marks and Spencer always seem to have the most interesting iterations of this seasonal bake. And just today I was picking up some bits and bobs at good old M&S when I spied some wholemeal hot cross buns, crammed with seeds and looking very enticing. I immediately knew this is what I would do with them. Continue reading

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