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skillet on concrete background filled with baba ganoush, sauteed vegetables and pitta bread

Baba Ganoush Vegetable Skillet with Pitta Bread “Fries” and tangy Yogurt-Tahini Sauce turns your favourite Levantine dip into a meal. An actual, bona fide meal. Rejoice! This recipe is defined by its subtle smokiness. Eggplants get the BBQ or gas stove treatment, turning from fat, firm glossy obsidian fruit to a charred and collapsed heap. …

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No-Bake Chocolate Fig and Nut Bars are your new go-to snack for when you fancy a more nutritious nibble. Not only are they delicious and mainly whole food, these bars are easily customisable to your own taste. Make to take to work, the gym, school or camping. And of course, home snacking. Not infrequently I …

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green tea guacamole with homemade purple tortilla chips on wooden tray

Super-green matcha tea-enhanced guacamole – traditional recipe, but with a superfood twist.  Today’s post is quite literally stuffed with my favourite tips for not only making the best guacamole, but also how to choose matcha tea. Both can be very simple, but I hope my years’ of experience making guacamole (30+ years) and drinking matcha …

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sliced grilled cheese sandwich with paneer and spinach on plates with green chillies and spinach leaves surrounding them.

Saag paneer grilled cheese – spicy chopped spinach (saag) grilled with crumbled paneer Indian cheese between slabs of good bread. Top with fresh coriander-mint chutney for a totally luxe snack or lunch. Vegan tweak is noted in the recipe card. Think of this as your favourite Indian side dish – saag paneer – in a …

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baked patacones (green plantains) topped with tropical salsa and on a pewter tray.

These Baked Patacones with Tropical Salsa are a healthy spin on the twice-fried – and very delicious – South and Central American crispy snack, patacones. In this Food To Glow recipe green plantains are sliced, steamed and mashed into tiny patties, then slicked with a little oil and baked to crispy-chewy perfection. Perfect little golden …

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Baked version of New Orleans iconic doughnut, the beignet. Square pillows of soft yeast dough are baked and showered in confectioners' sugar then dipped into a thick, homemade hot chocolate sauce. A traditional Mardi Gras - Fat Tuesday - treat.

Why not celebrate Mardi Gras – aka Fat Tuesday – with these baked beignets? Traditionally these delicious, pillowy square doughnuts are almost always fried and then showered in confectioner’s sugar. My Food To Glow version is a little bit healthier – and a lot of bit tasty. Especially dunked in warm chocolate dipping sauce. So, …

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Korean kimchi rice waffles + five ways to eat them

Korean kimchi rice waffles with five toppings for an easy, funky dinner or a snack.

Beetroot and raspberry #granola for a healthy #breakfast or #snack. Vegan recipe

If you can turn on a oven, you can make this easy, whole food granola. Beetroot powder adds the subtlest of pink hue without any weird taste. And the nuggets of dried raspberry are little sweet-tart flavour bombs on the tongue. A fab breakfast or snack for the whole family. Countless batches of granola have …

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62 healthier chocolate recipes roundup collage

62 healthier chocolate recipes covering everything from cakes to popsicles, and everything in between. Many suitable for special diets.

Pop these crispy baked #tofu "chicken-style" #nuggets in a sandwich, on your favourite salad, or dip them in my easy maple-mustard sauce. These versatile little #vegan bites are utterly delectable any way you eat them, and super easy to make! An #easy, nutritious, #family- and #party-friendly #recipe. 

Pop these crispy baked tofu nuggets in a sandwich, on your favourite salad, or dip them in my easy maple-mustard sauce. These versatile little vegan bites are utterly delectable any way you eat them, and super easy to make! An easy, nutritious, family- and party-friendly recipe.  I have to admit being more than a little …

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