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Just popping in your inbox to thank you for your continued support of Food To Glow. In the New Year I hope to keep bringing you unique, colourful, plant-centred recipes that inspire and nourish. Wishing you, your family and loved ones the happiest of festive days! All best, Kellie xx


Brussels sprout Christmas tree flatlay by kellie's food to glow

“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Teresa

12 Winter Vegetarian Side Dishes

12 Vegetarian Winter Side Dishes for any meal, whether high days and holidays, or just a healthy family meal.

Like a lot of confirmed vegetable lovers, I am all about the side dishes. In fact, stuff the turkey – give me ALL the sides!

12 Winter Vegetarian Side Dishes

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Pan-roasted Brussels sprouts with loads of lemon and dill on white background with herbs and sprouts surrounding the dish

Pan-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Loads of Lemon and Dill is the simplest one-pan winter side dish. Ever. And, these vibrantly coloured flavour bombs are so good you might want to make a whole batch just for you! Otherwise they are perfect for the holiday table, or with any meal. 

Pan-roasted Brussels sprouts with loads of lemon and dill

Where my buttery whole roasted black garlic cauliflower might have got you thinking about cruciferous vegetables in a new way, this quickie recipe is back to basics. Just five or six ingredients, and about 10 minutes, is all that separates you and a whole pan of feisty, lemony, dilly deliciousness. It truly is more than the sum of its parts.  Continue reading

black garlic roasted cauliflower

Buttery Black Garlic Whole Roasted Cauliflower is a delightful, intensely umami side dish for any festive meal, or alongside a Sunday roast. Carve it into creamy black and white wedges and tuck in. Or, for smaller gatherings, make with cute mini cauliflowers. Shown with Roquefort Blue Cheese Leeks – bonus recipe, below!

black garlic whole roasted cauliflowerWhile everyone else’s kitchen is filled with the blissful aromas of holiday baking, mine is filled with, um, cauliflower. And yes, I want you to join me.

A casual tap in the search bar thingy to the right (or a 5-second scroll, if on a phone) will reveal a lot of Food To Glow cauliflower recipes. Some as soups (this roasted cauliflower and almond one is incredible, some as mains (try my Scandi cauliflower röstis!), some as salads. I even have a cauliflower cake; albeit a savoury one. Today’s recipe, although it takes a bit of time, is a nearly hands-off affair. It is also ludicrously easy – a bonus if other dishes on your menu are a bit more involved.

But, do you really need another roasted cauliflower recipe?

Of course, my answer is yes. A big one, too. Continue reading

winter vegetable pilau rice

Winter Vegetable Pilau Rice is a substantial vegan main dish, studded with roasted winter vegetables and cooked in a fragrant coconut and spice sauce. 

vegetable pilau rice in bowlsMy last few recipes – Salmon with Winter Fruit Salsa, Roasted Celeriac, and my Brown Butter Banana Bread – have been simple ones. Not too many ingredients; not too many steps. This one asks a bit more of you. Are you okay with that? Good. Thank you. 🙂

The ingredient round up and method in this Baked Winter Vegetable Pilau Rice is admittedly rather more elongated than usual. But, please let me assure you that it is well worth your time. Despite what may look like a lot of hard work, the steps are straightforward, and the ingredients inexpensive and easy to find. And, if you are like me the gentle, almost mediative, rhythm of chopping and mixing is more pleasure than chore. As for the result, the layers of tastes and textures are reward for your time in the kitchen. And just look at all the colours. Proper Food To Glow! Continue reading

pan-roasted salmon topped with winter fruit salsa

Pan-Roasted Salmon with Winter Fruit Salsa is a zesty, nutritious and quick recipe: seared salmon topped with a fresh pomegranate, cranberries and apple chopped salad. And it is ready in about 20 minutes, from prep to table! Quick supper, or even an easy festive main dish.

winter fruit salsa on pan-roasted salmon filletI know that many of you will be gearing up towards Thanksgiving Day. Or maybe you’ve already got your packed planner zeroed in on Christmas or Hanukkah. Menus are planned; the kids have made decorations; everyone’s dietary needs are accounted for. You are perhaps exhausted just thinking about the festive days ahead. 

In the lead up to any food-focused holiday we can get so wrapped up in the prep – the running around, the lists, the phone calls and ordering – that we neglect ourselves a bit. 

Does that ring true for you?

I’m not a lifestyle blogger. I don’t have soothing words or sage advice. My quotes game is most definitely not on point. For someone who, as a cancer health educator, dispenses advice for a living, I kind of shy away from a bigger platform to offer it. I prefer my advice to be bespoke. I need to know how to tailor it. To see the reaction in your eyes and body to know how to shape the next thought. So, you won’t get lifestyle or personal advice from me.  Continue reading

Roasted Celeriac is an amazing low carb alternative to delicious potatoes parmentier or roast potatoes. Perfect for a midweek dinner or the holiday table. Garlicky and deeply herbal. Why not serve it this Thanksgiving?roasted celeriac with herbs and garlic in a green and white vintage plate

Parmentier – pär’-män-tyā. Meaning “with, or made of, potatoes” in French.

In the UK, if someone mentions parmentier potatoes, one automatically thinks of the beloved upmarket food store, Marks and Spencer. They have that heavenly side dish locked down. It’s sooooo delicious. I’ve only ever had it a few times, but it’s memorable stuff. Tiny cubes of potato roasted with chopped rosemary and garlic. Buttery, salty, yum.

vertical image of celeriac parmentier in white and green dish on pale backgroundRecently I had a brainwave. Why not ‘parmentier’ celeriac? Celeriac gets little to no love, despite being a fairly credible low-carb substitute for potatoes. It also cooks way quicker. Which is a huge bonus for a midweek recipe. So, despite knowing that parmentier is shorthand for potatoey things, I thought I would cheekily claim a bit of that parmentier action for this recipe. See what you think. And, if you feel weird saying parmentier celeriac, just call it roasted celeriac. Continue reading

hand reaching for piece of banana bread

One-Bowl Brown Butter Banana Bread is a little black dress of a recipe: classic, go anywhere, always special.

vertical image of banan bread with slices cut and some left whole on dark wood boardIf you have a hankering for banana bread, might I suggest you give this one a try? Although I have not reinvented the wheel, this is a taste-of-home recipe, adapted from my mother’s one, that deserves your attention. Plus, chances are you have everything you need to get baking. So, curl up with a hot cup of tea and read on. 🙂 Continue reading

Creamy, roasted and vegan - cauliflower and almond soup

Roasted Cauliflower and Almond Soup is an easy, no-fuss “cream of” kind of soup. And it just happens to be whole food and vegan. 

Three bowls of cauliflower and almond soup with garnishesIf you are fancying a silky-smooth, super-cosy, creamy-textured vegan soup, this is your lucky day. Especially if you love cauliflower as much as we do. Even if you don’t, the healthy whack of garlic and the deep flavours of Dijon mustard and bay leaves might just tempt you.

As an additional selling feature I find that roasting the cauliflower brings out its natural sweetness and tones down the heavier – and to some off-putting – brassica notes.

Am I enticing you yet? Continue reading

baingan bharta pasta with burrata in skillet and bowl

This is the Food To Glow dinner version of the iconic Indian side dish, baingan bharta. Based on fire-roasted eggplant and cooked-down spiced tomatoes, this fragrant, soothingly-soft dish is served rather heretically with pasta and topped with creamy, indulgent burrata. Enjoy xx

close up of smoky Indian eggplant and pasta in skillet with burrataBaingan Baharta Pasta is a rather cheeky nod to my favorite Indian side dish. Spiced, but not hot; vegetable-filled, but not “worthy”; this is a tangy, aromatic way to enjoy eggplants and tomatoes. And pasta! And creamy burrata!  Continue reading

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