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raspberry, rose, pink peppercorn love bites // food to glowHere on Food To Glow it is usually me, me, me. That is the perk of a blog. No boss leaning in to tell you what to do, to criticise your coffee-making/fetching skills, to take credit for your work. It is whatever you want it to be. No one has to read you of course, but it is a wonderful outlet and really quite fun, too.

But sometimes I like to feature companies, services and products that I really believe in and wish to support in my own small way. The Wild Flowers Company is such a business. 

wild flowers company

image courtesy of wild flowers company

Small, personal and with a purely seasonal approach, they make up the most beautiful and unique arrangements. You won’t see anything like them in supermarkets, or even your high street florist. Their passion for what they do is very evident in their exquisite, all-British arrangements, and even in the careful way they package and send them.

Wild Flowers Company buy exclusively in the UK – from small growers in Cornwall up into Scotland – and are a sustainable business from which the farmers, the environment and their customers all can benefit.

The company is part of The British Flower Collective, a group of passionate British flower growers and arrangers who work together to put seasonal, local and home grown (and British) back into the flower industry.

my own wild flowers company arrangement

my own wild flowers company arrangement

Unlike the majority of florists {most of whom import from the Netherlands, at the closest}, flowers used at Wild Flowers Company are cut the day before they are shipped: no refrigeration or heat is used to control flowering or longevity. They only include plants that will arrive fresh to you, and stay fresh for  a long time. My own stunning arrangement is still mostly intact and going strong after nearly one month! The fat-budded pussy willows are so happy that they are sending out leafy shoots, desperate for me to plant them in the garden. 🙂

wild flowers company

image courtesy of wild flowers company

Wild Flower Company is exclusively online, offering open-ended subscriptions based on how often you wish to receive a fresh, unique arrangement – weekly, monthly, seasonally. They also offer a really thoughtful “Pregnancy Package,” as well as one-off bouquets. Go see their website for options and possibilities: they are very happy to work with your individual requirements. Like I said, it is a small company and offers a very personalised service. My own dealings with the owner have been exemplary.

To entice you to see what all the fuss is about I have arranged for Food To Glow readers to receive 20% off any order until 31 March.

Why not send yourself – or a lucky loved one – a stunning and long-lasting British bouquet for Valentine’s Day? Or, thinking ahead, for Mothering Sunday on 15 March? 

The code to use is KELL20.unnamed

For those who really want to push the boat out, why not also make up these gorgeous, naturally vegan little “Larabar-esque” Love Bites? These raw bars or balls – with no added sugar or fat –  are super easy to make. And although they didn’t last more than two days here at Food To Glow, theoretically you can make them up in advance and your loved one can enjoy them within 10 days. More than enough time for them to say “yes.”

Raw food truffles and flowers? People will say we’re in love! 🙂

{PS. I have been shortlisted in the Destinology Reimagine A Classic Competition. I would be incredibly honoured if you took the time to vote for me. You just press the button next to my name and that’s it! Here is the link. Thanks!!}

Raspberry, Rosewater, Pink Peppercorn Love Bites // food to glow

Raspberry-Rose Love Bites + Pink Peppercorn and Rosewater Love Bites {Powerballs/Laraballs...}

  • Servings: 12 balls
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

I have made these with my favourite sweet flavour pairing – raspberry and rosewater – but the recipe is super flexible, so do play around and come up with your own special mix. To get you going I have offered other suggestions below the main recipe, including ways to include the all important {for some people} chocolate. Oh, and just to say, the pink peppercorns {which, as you know, aren’t actually peppercorns at all} are amazing with this. You just coat the bites lightly. The flavour is sweetly spicy and fruity, but not at all hot. Delicious.

These raw and vegan “Love Bites” are perfect for a healthy Valentine’s Day treat, but of course are super for snacking, lunch boxes and after-dinner nibbles with coffee. 

38g {1/3 cup} dried sour cherries {or use all dates, up to one rounded cup total in this recipe}

1 tsp lemon juice

75g {1/2 cup} raw cashews

115g {3/4 cup} pitted Deglet Nour or Medjool date {I prefer Deglet Nour – less sugar and more caramel notes}

1/8 tsp fine salt {I use Himalayan pink salt}DSC_0773

1/4 tsp rosewater

25g {1/4 cup} oats, buckwheat flakes or quinoa flakes

3 tbsp quinoa or amaranth puffs {optional}

1 heaped tbsp {+} pink peppercorns, lightly crushed

2 tbsp {+} dried raspberry powder

1. Soak the dried cherries in a small bowl with the lemon juice and just enough warm water to cover them. Set aside for 10 minutes. Drain the cherries  – and drink the tart, antioxidant-rich liquid!

2. Blend the cashews in a food processor or blender until ground down but  still a bit nubbly and textured. Add in the dates, cherries, salt, rosewater, grain flakes {I use buckwheat} and quinoa puffs if using. Process until the mixture comes together in a sticky mass.

3. Pour the raspberry powder onto a bowl or plate, and the pink peppercorns onto another one. Divide the nutty mixture into 12 equal pieces and roll into balls or make other shapes – such as the few token hearts I have here. Lightly roll in your choice of topping. It is good to have a mix rather than all one texture and flavour. At least I think so.

These are ready to serve or they can be refrigerated for up to a week. If you know you will not be needing them right away you can roll them up and freeze them. Defrost when you wish and roll them in their toppings. Why not make a double or triple batch, freeze them and use them as healthy after-school snacks?

Other Ideas: Knead in chopped best chocolate, or even take a larger piece of chocolate and push it into the middle before coating; flavour with orange blossom water instead of rosewater and roll the balls in finely chopped {or even as ‘dust’} pistachios; use vanilla; use lemon juice or extract then add turmeric or green tea powder {matcha}. And of course just as they are with no added flavourings but just rolled in cacao or organic cocoa powder or coconut.

Raspberry, Rosewater, Pink Peppercorn Love Bites // food to glow

Disclosure: I was sent a seasonal arrangement by Wild Flowers Company to review but, as always, opinions are my own.

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  1. So great to know about this wonderful flower company. Thank you for sharing and I love the look of these balls. What a perfect valentines gift!

  2. lizzygoodthings says:

    Wow Kellie, you really are a clever cook! Love these!

  3. Love those flower, so pretty and those bites don’t look half bad either. You are a talented so and so x

  4. That colour is astonishing! I would love to try dried raspberry powder and I bet the pepper gives it such a kick!

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    so nice 😡

  6. WOW what lovely colours – I need some dried raspberry powder!
    Those flowers are beautiful.

  7. Yes I can tell you enjoy blogging. Your energy and enthusiasm shows through your writing and that’s what keep us all so interested! I am absolutely loving the cherry, lemon, rosewater and cashew combo. And raspberry powder sounds amazing, but I’ve never had it or seen it around here. Good luck with the competition as well!

  8. milktherapy says:

    wow its looks just amazing!!

  9. These sound good and I just LOVE these photos!

  10. thespicyrd says:

    I don’t know where to start! Those gorgeous flowers-oh, my! Did you know I worked at a flower stand one summer when I was in college? one of the best jobs I ever had 🙂 And, those fabulous love bites. Yum!!! Interesting about the pink peppercorns not being true peppercorns. I have very fond memories of playing in my best friend’s California Pepper tree when I was younger 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing my Mexican Chocolate Almond Butter too! xoxo

  11. Delish! The perfect little something sweet to share with someone special (or to keep all to yourself – no judgement here!)

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  15. I love the sound of your beautifully fruity raw fruit bites, the colours are simply gorgeous. I have tried freeze dried raspberries but must get myself some of that glorious powder too. The British flowers are also beautiful, I will be looking at their site for future gifts!

  16. Emily Leary says:

    They are so pretty – perfect for any time of year!

  17. Deena Kakaya says:

    Could this recipe be any sexier? Stunning pics of an intriguingly sweet recipe with the peppercorn kick…mmm xxx

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