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green smoothieDespite the clearly undisguised green of this green smoothie, I pretty much guarantee that once sipped even the the most stridently anti-greens guy or gal will at least say, ‘hmm, not as bad as I thought it was going to be.’ Score!

If they are actually scared to try it either say 1) ‘will you just get over yourself’ (my option if I’ve had no sleep), or 2) ‘I will pay you. Just try it.’ Or a combination of the two.

If it is your good self who is unaccountably afraid of the big bad green smoothie, just take a gander at the ingredients: pineapple, clementine, banana. And a little bit of spinach. The mild, baby stuff. If you can handle the more bitter end of the leafy greens – I’m talking about kale really – go for it. The more bitter the better from a nutrition and disease-prevention standpoint.

Whether a novice green smoothie maker/imbiber or not, most fruit (and vegetable) smoothies are best if at least one of the ingredients is frozen. I know you can use ice – and I sometimes do – but having a secret squirrel stash of chopped bananas and/or pineapple in the deep freeze makes it ‘creamier,’ colder and not at risk of being watered down. The matcha tea is entirely optional but I always have a tin of it (owing to a mild addiction to cold green tea with lemon, even in the winter) so tend to put it in smoothies whatever the ingredients. And the citrus enhances green tea’s anti-cancer properties.

To be perfectly honest I would not advocate having something like this every day. I think whole fruits are better because it is easier to know when you have had enough – calories and satiety. But this kind of smoothie is a great way to get green-haters to at least try their enemy and have an opportunity to like them. And homemade smoothies are completely under your control – adjust the taste and amount to your liking, and know exactly what is in it and how fresh it is. Fantastic for control freaks like myself.

So, are you in?

green smoothieA Green Smoothie for the Green-phobe

A cracking way to start the day – a bit tangy, a bit sweet, and a bit green. And there’s green tea powder too if you are like me and don’t do coffee.

The level of deliciousness hinges on the ripeness of the pineapple; don’t go to all the trouble of hacking up an unripe one, just opt for best quality canned or bottled. I’ve never had to do that, but perhaps I’ve just been lucky. Here’s a guide to choosing a ripe pineapple.

1 ripe banana, frozen if possible*

Double handful of baby spinach leaves, or other mild greens of choice, washed (about 2 packed cups)

1 cup diced fresh or quality canned pineapple (frozen too if you can) OR kiwi, peeled

2 clementines, mandarins or satsumas OR 1 large orange, peeled

2 tsp powdered green tea (Japanese-style matcha, not instant) – optional

1 cup almond milk or other milk of choice

5 ice cubes if not using frozen fruit

1. Add all to a blender (I love my Froothie Optimum 9400 “super blender”)and blitz until creamy-smooth like an old-fashioned milkshake. Drink immediately.

Note: You can leave out the banana (I’m not a big banana fan) but it does add greatly to the texture, and the pineapple pretty much neutralizes any strong banana taste. Add another banana if you like a more tropical, or sweeter, taste. Or, how about a kiwi?green smoothiegreen smoothie

Serves 2.

Disclosure: I am an ambassador for Froothie and some links in this article may be affiliate links. However, as always, all product reviews are based on my honest opinion. If you’d like to know more about Froothie health products, or this machine in particular, please visit the Froothie website for more details. Any purchases made through this/these link(s) are at no extra cost to you but give Food To Glow a small bit of money to keep the site afloat and developing healthy recipes to share. Thanks!

36 thoughts on “A Green Smoothie for the Green-phobe

  1. These looks amazing and your photographs are so vivid and bright. Makes me curious to know what gadgets you use. Simply beautiful!

    1. Thanks! Just a little Picmonkey – free online editing site. I don’t use photoshop or anything like that. Not smart/patient enough 😉

  2. This looks so refreshing!!

  3. Laura says:

    Looks delicious – I found that when I started drinking green smoothies, bananas definitely helped!

    1. I always need to disguise bananas. My family always say ‘dear diary’ if they see me deliberately eating a banana on its own!

  4. coastalcrone says:

    I will try this and agree with the idea of frozen fruit. I am trying to cut down on coffee and will try more green tea. Thanks! Cheers!

    1. The matcha is a great sub for coffee. Uplifting but doesn’t cause jitters or palpitations. I hope you like it

  5. juliacastorp says:

    looks yummy

  6. I always see green smoothies with pineapple but am yet to try! Must get to it and find one…

  7. Liz Posmyk of Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things says:

    Wow, Kellie, how yummy!

  8. I love the addition of green tea. I bring green smoothies to work and people get squeamish. This recipe would have to make them happy! I just have to get them past the green color. 🙂

    1. Put it in a thermos! Yes, matcha is a really good thing to add. Vanilla in there too is nice. I have another green tea and pineapple smoothie, but with kale, green apple and vanilla – very refreshing

  9. marilyn1998 says:

    I have only tried the green smoothie ince. It was good, but I don’t learn new things quickly. Would the addition of some berry, like strawberry or raspberry make it less green

    1. Hi there. The taste would be great – I do it sometimes too – but the colour is not vivid red, more kind of rusty! But that’s better than green for some people 😉 It is worth playing with the proportions to get it right for you. My ‘recipe’ is really a template. I advise using smoothie recipes as a guide. Hope you like your version!

  10. yumelicious says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    green smoothie for some health!

  11. Nice smoothie! I love the matcha with those flavors.

  12. Have to try matcha in a green smoothie 🙂 very nice pictures!

  13. Lovely. Off to make one as we ‘speak’. BTW, thanks for the wise words ‘not every day’ warning, hehe, I’ve gone a bit green smoothie mad lately and my jeans are a tad tight! Rather than having them to replace breakfast, I’ve been having them as a drink, oops…Think I will go back to your cold green tea and lime idea next week 🙂

    1. 🙂 You’re too funny. You with too tight jeans. I don’t believe it! But matcha and lime is awesome. See you soon x

  14. Corin says:

    What a nice variation of what I used to do every morning for breakfast! The difference is I didn’t add the pineapple or orange, but what a great idea. I ran out of the Matcha powder recently, but have reordered and will give it a go when it arrives!

    1. I can’t do without my matcha. I buy mine through Vitalife (online) and they do a three for two deal. I buy the big ones – 80g. Teapigs is good too but much more expensive. What do you like?

  15. cheri says:

    I love green smoothies and adding a frozen banana gives it the perfect texture. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Deena Kakaya says:

    Wow Kellie, I have never done green tea and Fruits, this looks as delicious as it is detoxifying. I know what you mean about not consuming juices on a daily basis nod right now I am so exhausted I think a few shots of this from prepared fridge stocks would do me wonders. X

  17. narf77 says:

    I learned to appreciate green smoothies last year. Up until then I had been holding my nose to down spirulina rich (fish anyone?) shakes that made me gag. Adding home grown spinach to my smoothies was a complete revelation and I drank a breakfast smoothie a day and felt amazing. I heartily recommend them to anyone and if you don’t like “purest green” chuck in enough fruit to temper it, especially bananas 🙂

  18. theladyearl says:

    I just tried this with Kale and it was perfect! Thank you for the recipe!

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback! That’s quick work from you. I hope you found it satisfying too. Cheers for taking the time to let me know.

  19. This looks delicious, pineapple is definitely a great green-disguiser! I bet mint would go really well in this combination whilst adding some bonus green power too!

    1. Thanks! You know, I’ve got a pineapple smoothie in the index with green apple, kale, green tea and mint! We love mint, especially with green tea (Green Tea Soothie). Weirdly, rosemary and mint are nice in it too. And I agree, pineapple (and kiwi too) are great green-disguisers. And banana disguisers 😉

  20. Cece says:

    Mouth-watering photographs! Thanks for sharing.

  21. What a gorgeous shade of green! And, yes, a ripe pineapple is SO important 🙂 I had a “blech” one last week-no good ;-( Love this yummy green combination & you can never go wrong with Satusumas!

  22. rozeppelin says:

    Reblogged this on Rozeppelin's Healthy Living and commented:
    This made my mouth water… Nom nom nom

  23. These are absolutely gorgeous photos, especially with the curled orange peel. Really beautiful job!

    1. Thanks very much. I had terrible light that day but I will admit that the accidentally nicely peeled satsuma is okay.

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