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Bacalao, bacalhau, salted cod: whatever you call it, this is lovely stuff. Although we no longer need to salt food to preserve it, bacalhau is a gorgeous and still useful relic from an age before refrigeration. I first had bacalaoΒ many years ago at – of all places – a Scottish-French restaurant. It was in a …

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“Food: the unifying language of the world” quote from Sumayya Jamil, speaking at Food Blogger Connect, London 2012 Last Friday saw me quite literally stumbling onto the 7.15 Edinburgh-London train. I am not the most co-ordinated of people (I can fall off a pair of flipflops), but my flawed proprioception couldn’t be blamed on this …

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The first time I had fish tacos was at a petrol station. Yes, you read that correctly. A petrol station. Β Just outside of Yosemite National Park, California, by the weirdly beautiful, faintly lunar-looking Lake Mono (if the Moon had water) stood the first petrol station for miles. An attractive petrol station with a grass covered …

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