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I am not a gadget geek, but I do love my spiralizer. It is so loved that it has quickly earned its place on the countertop, along with my Froothie blender and juicer, my Magimix and of course my kettle (20 years and still going!). I have a small kitchen, so this is quite the honour. …

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I can’t really remember the first time I had hummus. Being raised in a Deep South  commuter town, whose main highway was hemmed in with strip malls, Burger Kings and Dairy Queens, I seriously doubt it was there. We did have  – and it is still there today – a lone Greek restaurant, but I …

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Vegetarian and vegan food can sometimes get a bad rap for being boring and bland. Bean-filled this, wholemeal encrusted that, a few dried mixed herbs and hey presto, a filling meal. Are most vegetarians really eating like this? I don’t think so. At least I hope not. Admittedly, if I peruse some of the vegetarian …

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This morning I realised we are experiencing an inexorable slide to ‘porridge weather’. All summer I have been vacillating between starting the day with berries and yogurt, poached egg with asparagus, and a breakfast bruschetta of chopped cherry tomatoes, olive oil & basil on sourdough. All very delicious and light. But this morning – without any …

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