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breakfast tostadosSo, this is what I’ve been blowing my sacred jar of coconut bacon on. Other than picking it straight from the jar, or sprinkling the toasty smoky shreds on top of another (upcoming) breakfast concoction, this is how I’ve been spending the bacon.

It has everything I desire in a breakfast item: contrasting textures and tastes, banging nutrition cred, and ever so slight weirdness. Oh, and heat. Heat is my caffeine.  Continue Reading

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coconut baconI pride myself on being fairly adventurous when it comes to food. Within reason. I seriously doubt there would be a circumstance that would see me tucking into witchetty grubs or guinea pig.

But funnily enough, despite knowing about coconut bacon for years I had until very recently never tried it, let alone made it. Silly woman. If I had realised how stupidly easy it is to make I could have saved myself years of bacon-deprived salads, baked potatoes, pancakes, blah blah. Because bacon does go with everything, right? I mean people make jam from it, and stuff it into cupcakes. It’s even in chocolate for goodness sake. Chocolate!

Alongside a short stack seems so last century. Continue Reading


cover image by Haarala Hamilton and provided by Ebury Press

Gail’s and I have history. This iconic London neighbourhood artisan bakery group doesn’t know it, but we definitely have history.

I won’t go into the gory details, but suffice it to say that the staff on the day we visited rescued a very unpleasant situation involving a dive-bombing seagull and an al fresco breakfast. Continue Reading

kimchi pancakesIf you haven’t made kimchi as per my Kimchi and Avocado Wraps post a few weeks back, or haven’t bought some, RUN – don’t walk – and get yourself a pack of kimchi. You will not be sorry.

I have been champing at the bit to share this with you for ages. The photos have been waiting, and I know this recipe is foolproof. But I wanted to wait until I figured a few of you would have made your kimchi, or sallied up to the Asian supermarket and purchased a pack or two. Well, TIME’S UP. Put down your iPad, send the kids into the garden, don’t answer the door. It is kimchi pancake time. Continue Reading

quinoa and lentil egg breakfastPadding down the stairs, slippered and pajama-ed, with dark circles where blue eyes should be, Rachel does not catch my eager eye. Studiously avoiding me as she heads for her bathroom, she greets my overbearingly soprano, “good morning” with the contempt it deserves. A ‘humph’ I think. The bathroom door closes hard, the shower runs, the radio – normally blaring tinny pop – is silent.This was Tuesday.

It was going to be a long week. Continue Reading

roasted mushroom flatbread pizzaYou may be glad to know I’ve calmed down from my mini Big Food/Big Pharma rant of last week. I got seriously close to popping a vein. I’m just glad I didn’t think of taking my blood pressure at the time of writing.

I was a bit worked up, but once my post was edited for public consumption (removal of a few ‘bloodys’ and possibly something close to libellous), I took a deep breath and just made a pizza. This pizza. Actually many pizzas, and much garlic sauce. Grassy, amber olive oil and pungent, sassy garlic – whose magical properties some drug companies like to sell us in yucky, boring pill form – dolloped over equally magical mushrooms, roasted with za’atar and topped with garden chives. All on a crisped flatbread, golden-edged from yet more olive oil. Whose mood wouldn’t improve with that staring at you from a plate? Perhaps not the boss of a big pharmaceutical company, but they’ve got their fat pay checks to cheer them.  Continue Reading


healthy greek saladNot a month seems to go by when there isn’t yet more good news about food and health. This month it is once again the turn of the Mediterranean diet to bask in the scientific limelight. But before I get too excited and ramble on as is my norm (which I will no doubt do anyway), it should be pointed out that this most recent study on the lauded Mediterranean diet was yet another genetically engineered mouse study, in special conditions, with extracts. Not real food. Not on people. And the researchers would appear to be delighted if they can put all the goodness and health benefits into a pill. Yes, a pill. What the…? Continue Reading

DSC_0008A little late to the National Vegetarian Week party, but better late than never!

Here at food to glow we are omnivores, but because of my work as a cancer health educator I know the health value of eating a plant-centred diet. And I try and practise what I preach. Most of my recipes are vegetarian and vegan because that is how my family and I eat eat ninety per cent of the time.

There are a slew of statistics to endorse reaching for a vegetable kebab over wolfing down a well-done burger (sorry fans of In-N-Out Burger) – lower risk of early death, lower weight, lower risk of numerous cancers, stroke, heart disease, osteoarthritis, gout - I could go on, but you get the picture.

Instead of dwelling on the health aspects, or touching on the ethical issues, I will keep it light and luscious with some of my top vegetarian and vegan posts. Interestingly, some of my top posts are because of being ‘discovered’ by some serious power pinners on Pinterest, despite being a lazy bones when it comes to social media. Thank you, whoever you are!

So, here is a week of meat-free eating to whet your appetite and keep you healthy. Just add plants! Continue Reading

bergamot rose rhubarb cakeI’m feeling inordinately chuffed with myself. I, who am normally fairly immune to the charms of cakes – hormonal fluctuations notwithstanding – not only broke out of my comfort zone and yesterday made a cake, it was only ruddy World Baking Day. How zeitgeist of me. Continue Reading

spicy crab parcelsAs a tangential follow on from my last recipe, I give you another wrap. Of sorts.

Like the kimchi avocado lunch wrap, this is also a bit briny, punchy and crispy. But completely different. And no need to do any advance prep, or visit an Asian market. In fact this throw-it-together crunchy, spicy crab parcel is perfect for a busy weekend lunch or light supper.

I know many of you are vegetarians or vegans so I have also come up with a very credible version just for you. Still spicy, crunchy and punchy, but with no crab breath! Continue Reading

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