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11 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Kellie, I am a 53 year old survivor of breast & uterine cancer. I also have Crohn’s disease & had Colitis. In 2008 I had an irreviesible ileostomy, in 2011 I had a complete hysterectomy, I have no colon, rectum & 14″ of my small intestine has been removed as well. Since then my life has been pretty much free of sickeness (except for 2011 when I was hit with both cancers!) I’m asking if you have any recommendations for a nutritious diet for me as absorption is an issue. I’ve recently found that I am losing my hair (probably stress from the cancers!) & believe that I need a good nutritious diet. I”m not sure where to look for guidance & wonder what suppliments I might need to take as well. If this isn’t in your field of ‘expertise’ & you can recommend me to someone or a blog/website, I’d be very appreciative!!! I loved reading your page & believe that I will subscribe, it sounds wonderful!! Thanks for your time!

    • Hi Becky. Right now I am away on holiday with just a phone to work with so can I get back to you? I’m certainly not an expert but there is very little outwith hospitals that will have the info you need. I’m presuming you have been advised to take certain supplements by your treatment team but I may be able to offer further advice, based on what I can sleuth. Can you let me know what you are already taking and if you have any specific digestion issues other than absorption? Hopefully the ileostomy has made life easier for you. All best, Kellie

  2. I am just tickled & delighted that you responded, & so quickly!!! Currently I take GummiVites for my multivitamin, as they are assimilated in my system much quicker. I was told by my doctor & a nurse to take them, I take 2 in the morning, I’m also taking one D3, 600mg of Calcium 2x per day, Potassium Gluconate 2x a day. I just think that there must be some absorption issues I’m missing out on, some supplements or such that could be improving my overall health & helping this hair loss issue. I drink Gatorade occasionally, lots, and lots of water (I LOVE water!). I was told after my surgery to salt my foods & eat lots of fatty foods for a time as I was having trouble gaining weight back. I still do some salt & have cut back on all the fatty foods I once consumed as my weight kicked back in. I don’t have any trouble with eating any food in particular, if I have too much spicy food I’ll feel that, the same with too much greasy, fried food. But I limit that as I know what I can tolerate. Since I’ve had the surgery, there really isn’t anything I can’t have which is lovely! Nutrition is what I’m after, a more fine tuned food program or supplement program for myself. I appreciate any and all help you’re willing or able to give me!! Enjoy your holiday & I look forward to hearing from you again!!!

    • Aw, that’s is so kind of you Kayla! I will stop by yours and say thanks and see your other nominees. I don’t know if I have the space on the blog to fulfill the ‘duties’ of the award (and I am not interesting in any case), but I really appreciate the nomination and the thought behind the Liebster. And congrats on your own nomination :D

  3. Hi Kellie!

    Thank you for reading and commenting on my page. I love yours! Your skin glows. You are a walking testiment, it seems, to what healthy eating can do. The chocolate recipe looks really fantastic. i’m book marking for this weekend.

  4. Hi, Kellie–You recently left a comment on our blog (, which disappeared shortly after I read it. It wasn’t in my spam filter or trash, so I can’t explain it. In any event, thanks for stopping by. Lentil soup is tasty–and good for you. I scrolled through your blog and the turmeric milk caught my eye. We did a serious of posts last January in connection with the Blue Zones work by Dan Buettner–turmeric figures prominently in the cuisines of several of these zones. In any event, interesting blog. Good luck with your work. I’ll be back. Ken

  5. Hi

    I use this site a lot just for the healthy choices for general everyday meals and have put my Dad onto this Blog as he has had cancer. However, about 10 days ago my husband had a Septoplasty operation to help him breath easier, he had general anesthetic (might be spelt wrong) for the first time, he felt really rough for a week, he has found this hard as he is a healthy fit 55 year old, he appears now to have picked up a heavy cold and feeling even worse, he never admits to feeling rough but he has, so he must be bad (!) he is too busy to take more time off work… so the point of the email, I am sure you are wondering is… what food will help him get back on form, afterall we are what we eat…

    Regards Sue

    • Hi Sue. I’m so sorry your husband is having a hard time after his op. Hopefully the op was successful for him and he will be feeling more like himself soon. General anaesthetics are pretty rough. It took me weeks to recover from the effects when I had one about 10 years ago for a shoulder op. But the added discomfort of a heavy cold when you’ve had a septoplasty must be quite something. I think, if he has to go to work, pack him a flask of homemade soup, a pot of something like rice pudding that he can ping in a microwave and a carton of smoothie drink. Probably eating little and often is best but I don’t know if that is feasible at work. Most people I see that feel rough after surgery and under the weather want comfort food and soft-ish food that doesn’t take much effort to eat, IF he is blocked up this is more the case as he will be holding his breath while he chews. Anything soft – mac and cheese (can puree cooked kale or butternut squash to boost the nutrients), fish pie, cottage pie (shepherdess/beany pie) – that kind of thing. Another thing to take to work are soft sandwiches – tuna mayo, egg salad (eggs are fab any time), avocado and fine chopped turkey.

      While he is feeling unwell keep it simple and concentrate on calories and things he actually wants to eat. When he is better then think more nutritious, whole foods. Also, a green smoothie is great for breakfast. My current fave is super easy: 1 apple, 2 black kale leaves (or equiv), 3 dates, chia or flax seeds (1 tbsp), water and ice to blend. Process til smooth in a blender. I know it sounds gross but it is really quite nice and energising. Other smoothie ideas in the index to choose from. Also, my friend Monica at has great healthy smoothie recipes. These are good because some fibre will help if his bowel is sluggish after the GA, and sometimes raw food is just too hard to eat when you dont feel well. Have a look at my Help With Gaining Weight page for more ideas, even though he might not need to gain weight. I hope this helps, Sue. Best wishes and thanks for reading food to glow.

      • Hi

        Thank you for your very helpful advice, I have to go shopping this evening so will look at the recipes before.

        Regards sue

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