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Griddled Bread & Halloumi Salad with Green Tahini Dressing // food to glowTo mangle a well-known English phrase: dressings maketh salad. This might not be strictly true, but dressings and sauces can certainly be deal-breakers.

Dressings and sauces are the pearl necklace, Louboutins, or Hermes scarf to a simple salad. Or they should be. That just-so accoutrement that if got wrong ruins the whole look – or taste. But if spot-on is oh so right. And not showy about it. Continue Reading

zucchini and chard tart // food to glowSimple savoury tarts like this are my summer go-to for a quick-to-the-table mid-week meal.

Is that enough hyphens for one sentence? ;-)

Actually, I make a version of this all year-round for my cancer nutrition classes. Sometimes with asparagus, sometimes with hummus (!) instead of cheese; occasionally I go a bit bolder and layer it up – almost too heavily so that it bends if you dare pick it up rather than knife and fork it – with roasted winter vegetables. Whichever way I make it, there is never any left. It seems almost everyone loves a bit of pastry. I serve it with loads of salads to counteract the fact that we are having pastry.

My only chance to get in look in myself is to make one at home. One for each of us so that there is no eyeing up who has the biggest piece. I grew up with a sister so fairness and equity in slices and spoonings is very important.  Continue Reading

baked two-cheese stuffed squash blossoms // food to glowSquash blossoms are the ultimate in edible flowers. Unlike nasturtiums, borage, violets and other pretty posies consigned largely to salad and ice cube duty, squash blossoms can be stir-fried, frittata-ed, casseroled, gratineed and, most notably, stuffed. If you have loads of blossom go ahead and knock out successions of risottos, pizzas, frittatas and casseroles, where they will add a pretty and uber-seasonal note to each dish. However, if you have only a few precious farmer’s market blooms, my vote is always  for stuffed. Plated up in their crunchy panko coats these little morsels shine on their own with a chilled glass of white wine, whispering “it’s summer.” Continue Reading

eggplant bacon bot // food to glow #veganbltAs a matter of habit and, I suspect, genetics, I get up rather early in the morning. Sometimes 3 am or 4 am, in which case I am often able to go back to sleep, grasping my deluxe eye mask (ask if you want more details – it’s amazing) down firmly over my eyes just as the sun is barely noticeable in the still-night sky. This annoys my patient and sound-sleeping husband no end. All of my flumping and duvet tugging as I try and get myself just-so cosy. I may get another hour in the sleep bank. But on better nights/mornings I wake up a little later – say 5 or 5.30 – and I don’t bother with the whole eye mask palaver. What I do instead is reach for my Kindle and catch up with the Aussies on Twitter… Continue Reading

malaysian paneer & vegetable kebabs with brown coconut rice // food to glowHappy Monday from Edinburgh, where wits and wags note that, “summer was on a Tuesday.” Continue Reading

granola and peanut butter applewiches // food to glowWe’re a nation of snackers. With 97% of us in the UK admitting to snacking between meals the snack break has become a daily ritual in homes and workplaces across the UK.

I favour nuts (almonds!), green smoothies, green tea, home-dried fruit (on a mango kick right now), fresh apples and, um, the occasional ramekin of tortilla chips to tide me over until the next meal. Sometimes, if I am super busy (this is bad, I know), my snack is instead of a meal. So, my quick and healthy snacks need to be satisfying just in case it will have to do me for more than a couple of hours.  Continue Reading

kellie anderson:

This is a post and new recipe I did for my lovely friend Elaine who blogs on exceedingly flavour-packed food over at foodbod. Do please click over to read more and grab this creamy, crunchy fusion recipe I made just for her. And you, of course!

It’s Burnt Aubergines (Eggplant) stuffed with Avocado-Tahini Sauce, Fried Capers and Yuzu Chickpeas, btw.

Originally posted on foodbod:

Can you believe that this guest post series has been running for over six months? I’m amazed, I didn’t really have a plan when I started it, but I probably didn’t expect it to go on for so long, and with so many amazing posts! I’ve been overwhelmed with the care and creativity that has been taken by so many of you, and I thank you greatly for being so enthusiastic :) at the bottom of this post you will find a montage of all of the dishes that I have been ‘virtually fed’ and links to everyone’s posts. Please do remind yourself of the wonderful array of dishes, all following my request to make vegetarian, gluten free, sugar free, healthy dishes.

I know this was quite a challenge for some of you and I can only say a HUGE thank you, you did a fabulous job, I would eat…

View original 1,273 more words

lookwhatifoundThis is the fourth edition of my “Look What I Found!” Friday feature, where I share what I have found, been given, picked, planted and bought. I love a nosy in peoples’ kitchens. I hope you enjoy having a nosy around mine. Continue Reading

courgette, coconut and lime leaf coffee cake // food to glow  #baking #cakes #zucchiniMy niece is over from Florida for a wee bit and we have been busy climbing various green and gusty hills around Edinburgh, sipping beer and cider in dubious pubs, eating too much food, and just yesterday visiting a new attraction north of Edinburgh, The Kelpies.

Mythological beasts possessing the power of 100 horses The Kelpies of legend are here an arresting pair of horse head steel sculptures dominating an area once known for steel production. Horses and water were a vital part of this now-moribund industry and the sculptures honour not only the history of this area, but the horses and the flowing water that made it possible.

The Kelpies // food to glow

The Kelpies, before the storm descended

Colourful, bunting-festooned canal boats line the lead up to these sky-catching sculptures, and on the other side pedestrians and cyclists wend their way through meadow land and marshes on a raised wooden path. The sky matched these steel behemoths on our visit, and eventually we were chased by squally winds into a tiny shop while roiling clouds dashed nails of water on the glass ceiling above our heads. But we could still see The Kelpies, brave and beautiful against the angry sky. Although I wanted to make dinner for us, wet and a bit chilly we instead ended up slurping hot spicy pho and eating warm star anise-scented curry at a gorgeous Vietnamese place. A lovely, lovely day. If you are in Edinburgh for the holidays, take a half hour detour north to Grangemouth and experience this beautiful – and free – public work of art for yourself. The Queen is officially opening it on Wednesday the 8th.

But today I’ve been back in the kitchen perfecting this recipe. For you. Continue Reading

soft polenta with broccoli-blue cheese sauce // food to glowI love broccoli in all its forms: the year-round green, fat-headed bunches (the only time fat-headed is not an insult!) – perfect for chopping and throwing in soups and pasta, as well as the more delicately-shaped purple sprouting broccoli that is so welcome come early spring. My own purple sprouting broccoli is a miracle survivor in my garden; I’m still snipping its now-waning and rather skimpy stalks and using some most days, although it is now verging on July. That’s Scotland for you!

But, as the purple stuff goes I replace it mostly in the form of Tenderstem® rather than the chubbier calabrese that I grew up eating. With calabrese it is all about the head, its unwieldy and intimidating bulk made more manageable with dividing and conquering. It always feels a bit like performing minor surgery, hacking away with my trusty Japanese knife. Perhaps it is just as well I am not a doctor… Continue Reading


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